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Today, I learned that if you're going to tell your mother you are gay, make sure she isn't holding a frying pan filled with hot grease. FML
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#17.. there are some ****** up people out there. You'd be surprised what people are capable of.


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What, did she throw it at him, or get it all over herself in shock?

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awwwww im sowwy :[ *internet hug*!!!!! :D

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Oh my goodness. I laughed my ass off for the first few minutes, then I felt so bad about it. That's one hell of a mother you have there. I'm sorry.

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OP, go to a therapist. It will unqueer you

no way she threw hot grease on u. i just don't see a mom doin that 2 her kid. If it rly hapened sry dude

hey, the director of the LA museum of tolerance got kicked out at like 13 when he told his mom he was gay

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Call the cops and press charges for assault/domestic violence. Seriously. If that's how she's going to respond to you being gay, you don't want her in your life anyways. At least maybe she'll learn that it's NOT OKAY to hurt someone because she's not happy with them.

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Really? No one has EVER heard of Child Protective Services? Jesus CHRIST people are stupid.

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maybe i interpreted this differently than everyone else...but i got the impression that this could mean she was so shocked that it was just an accident. of course it could be because she was angry too...but we dont know

ahahahaha. im sorry to hear that. but it is kinda funny.

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Yeah, I could see how this is funny..if you're a dumb ****.

Yeah, No doubt. I'm sure #5 would find it ******* hilarious if it was her. What an asshat (#5, not #10)

can't you come up with anything better then asshat?

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I've said it once and I'll say it again - LINK FAIL. lulzy But you go ahead and censor this comment, too. That'll show 'em!! Uh, er, yeah..totes!!11

Wow, looks like somebody's on a ******* power trip. I read those comments and they did not deserve to be moderated.

The mod probably didn't want a fight to escalate within the comments, and did that as a precaution to prevent it. divine modtervention, dawg

That's a good point #44, but I'm still against it.

It's not for me, either, null, but I've become more tolerant of others' ways.

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I heard an instant rimshot after reading that, Plexico

sorry, let me clarify... did she throw it at you? Is that what you're getting at? Then have that bitch charged.

The solution here is to hit her back. She shouldn't throw a punch if she can't take one.

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and not to live in minnesota eh

What a cuntrag. Pour hot grease on her twat. mmmmm fried ****** omnomnom

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