By banana_tree - 21/04/2014 21:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I joked to a client that every time I see his name, I start singing the song 'Dr Jones' by Aqua. He looked blankly at me, so I broke into song, 'Dr Jones, Dr Jones, calling Dr Jones... ' He still looked blankly, but now also utterly horrified, as were the rest of the waiting room. FML
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so im guessing not the psychiatrist kind of doctor?

Lol don't worry OP just keep Calm and Sing on

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You just don't want them to come back... right?

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That would've been a good time for life to become a musical. Or for auto tune to kick in.

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Some people just have no sense of humor. Sorry, OP. No one gets my jokes either.

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I don't get how someone couldn't get that though. I mean, come on people! Harrison Ford AND Sean Connery. That should be more than enough for them.

@10. BAHAHAHAHAHA. That was a good one. XD

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I winced at this comment. That reference is fantastic.

Wow this was a while ago and I barely figured out how to look at my old comments. Anyway, you know that feeling when you're watching TV and something super embarrassing happens to the main character and you can't help but FEEL the embarassment? If you answered no, watch the YouTube video of Tom Hiddleston being prank interviewed my Smosh. Lol, Cheers c: