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Today, after years of marriage and my lazy husband letting himself go, I can now finish a bottle of wine and still be sober. This means I've built immunity to the last thing that can make me want to have sex with him. FML
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Maybe marriage counselling is worth a try?

That was one depressing read. Maybe time to seek help; that's not healthy for you or him.


Maybe marriage counselling is worth a try?

yes couseling and a little gym time wouldn't hurt either.

I agree. she also needs some self reflection. sounds like a vicious cycle. he gained some weight causing her to lose interest in him and making her drink more. which gives him less motivation causing him to gain more weight. so on so fourth

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...Maybe, TWO bottles of wine?

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She doesn’t want to have sex with him, so I think a ******** would be even more disgusting than other forms of sex.

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If she doesn't want to **** him, why would she want to give him a ********?

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That was one depressing read. Maybe time to seek help; that's not healthy for you or him.

Possibly try and get your mind off your husband for a bit, maybe hang out with some friends until you and your husband can have some rebuilding time.

You’re right and I know as a fact that tequila is very effective.

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and that's because you had sex or blew a disgusting guy after having tequila?

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26, Not to sound judgmental, but why do you have experience with this? You're only 18. Drunken hookups aren't really something you should be well versed in at this point.

77, You would be surprised, I can tell you now, more girls are at the bars now that look like they can be my child... And im 22 -_-

You looked at her profile and saw that she was 18 but you missed that she is not American. We are one of the only western countries with a drinking age higher than 18. We don't really know the circumstances of what she is even talking about so there is no reason to be so judgmental.

@93 even then, she's still a teenager. I'm Nigerian, and it's crazy easy to get alcohol there, but that doesn't mean that I engage in drunken hook ups either. It doesn't matter if the drinking age is lower, she still shouldn't be well versed in drunken hookups.

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#58, that censor bar over your mouth isn't really holding you back when it comes to drunken hookups

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Life's too short to be stuck in an unhappy relationship. At least talk to your husband OP, and divorce could be an option in the future.

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If you read carefully you'd see #6 suggested talking first and divorce as an option for the future so don't be quick to generalize. Plus sometimes divorce is the only option and the only place they F'd up is choosing a wrong life partner.

not knocking that either. Sometimes it is the only option... but unless you know the OP I wouldn't go thinking that divorce is her only option and I NEVER said #6 was the one to suggest divorce first

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I always used to say that I wanted my first marriage to be my first and only, but the more I see people getting divorced and remarried, the more I see I can go through that too. The chances are higher is what I'm trying to say... but that won't stop me from trying to be different from all those people.

It's true sometimes it can work out in the end and I'm soo happy when it does. But what people are doing more of; is going through with a divorce because it's simply too hard or they think their partner isn't what they wanted. people have their ups and downs but just because they're down doesn't mean they should just give up! try before admitting defeat and just leaving a relationship... And once you've given your all then I whole hardheartedly say get out of it and go through with a divorce

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One of two things you can do. 1) take a tolerance break 2) talk to your hubby. If you openly communicate how you feel, if you haven't yet, then he might just be willing to work with you and be understanding. Best of luck OP.

Might be time for a little something stronger

Usually when you marry someone you marry them for more than just their looks. Kind of sound a bit shallow forcing yourself into a drunk state just to have sex with him.

Sounds like she's staying with him for reasons other than his sex appeals. Doesn't sound shallow to me. Aside from the lazy and fat part, maybe he has a good heart?

12-- or financial security. Usually, when you are in love with someone, you are able to look past flaws.

Ever try hard liquor? maybe try getting him motivated by joining a gym or go for a hike. Getting him involved in something you do is a great way to strengthen marriages... Could try drinking a little less too

Axel5238 29

Possible though that passion is lacking. Usually the woman wants something more romantic than just flat out sex. Though in work both ways. If she's making all the effort and let himself go I'm guessing physical attraction just isn't there anymore and neither is her spirit to keep trying. I'm guessing you've spoken about this with OP sorry it's gotten to this point.

And the hard liquor bit was not serious

I agree 100% I haven't spoken with the op. Physical attraction is a necessary part in a relationship and if she has tried getting him to get motivated then yes maybe it's time to move on. But if she hasn't I just hope she at least tries before giving up and going through with a divorce it's one of the biggest problems our country is facing right now.. the family is the building block of our society and I hope people begin realizing it soon.

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time to move on to hard liquor