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Today, I had to pull chunks of digested blanket out of my dog's ass because she refuses to listen to me when I tell her not to eat the damn blanket. I can't stop smelling it. FML
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OP here, firstly, there's a lot more to the story than I could fit in 300 characters. The dog that are the blanket is actually my well behaved one. She hardly ever eats anything. She didn't eat the whole blanket. Just chunks of it. She was in her kennel at the time because it's been raining and she's chosen to play in the mud. I'm renting a house with white carpet and I've also had to wash my sheets multiple times in one day due to the mud. So as soon as she comes inside, she goes in her kennel (if she's muddy. If she's not both dogs chill with me). She actually did stop chewing the blanket and started chewing her chew toy. She is a puppy. 7-8 months old, but she's not the hellraiser, the other one is. She was able to poop half of it out on her own, but she was running around with blanket coming out of her ass, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. It was also 11 at night and the area I'm in doesn't have a 24 hour vets office. At this point, I think she's about to start going into her first heat cycle and this can cause dogs to have abnormal behavior. This was a first time thing and it won't be happening again. The reason there's a blanket in the kennels, is because I like my dogs to be comfortable.

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Generally speaking dogs don't have the best cognitive skills. Maybe a more hands on approach to stopping her from eating the blanket next time?

That dog is lucky you're not a magician, otherwise you would have been pulling and pulling....


That is absolutely disgusting. Poor dog and poor you!

Generally speaking dogs don't have the best cognitive skills. Maybe a more hands on approach to stopping her from eating the blanket next time?

I'm glad you said generally speaking because I know some dogs that are smarter than some people. They could probably get a higher SAT score too.

The fact that I found this to be true means we've already lost

Well at least their follow up is hands on!

Why did you let the dog keep the blanket of it keep eating it?

Thank you for asking the real questions

That's really gross. I'm sorry OP, but next time keep the blanket away from your dog.

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Your dog is the alpha in your house apparently.

There are liquids and powders you can buy that will make the blanket (and other things) taste horrible to your dog. I suggest you research them, buy one that will work for you, and start putting it on the stuff you don't want your dog to eat.

I tried this with bitter Apple. My dog loved it lol.

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that's when you find something else.

Ah c'mon man, I'm trying to eat breakfast!

I suppose it's a good thing it's coming out instead of killing it. I think they make sprays to make it seem unappealing I don't know if that'd help or not. But definitely fyl

why do you keep smelling the blanket pieces?