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Today, my dad remarried, but he didn't want me to come. I'm told he didn't want me to ruin his pictures or make his guests feel uncomfortable, all because I had my leg amputated in April. FML
LoveIsOneSided tells us more :
Hi! I'm the OP of this. I lost my leg because of a clumsy accident. In 2013 I tripped walking into my kitchen, and cut my foot on a piece of tile (we were redoing the floor, and only had half the room done). I ended up in the hospital for about a week with an infection. Two weeks after getting out of the hospital, I suddenly got a fever that spiked so quickly, and got so high, I couldn't remember my own name. I was in the hospital that time for 84 days. This second infection got out of control. To this day, they don't know why or technically what it was (on record it's a severe case of cellulitis), but within twelve days of being admitted, I started getting small blisters from my toes to my knee. At thirty days, I was running a fever almost every night (fine during the day), and had lost feeling in half my leg. By sixty days, the blisters had ruptured and I had bigger blisters in some areas, and holes in other areas. They did a surgery where they basically shaved my skin off, thinking that would stop the blistering. Which it did. Once they did that, I was able to go home. But what should have taken a few weeks to heal, took almost a year. I had infections off and on throughout the year, and was on antibiotics at least once a month, every month. In December of 2014, I got a cut on that same leg. Within a week, it was blistered up again. I was back in the hospital, and back on heavy antibiotics. At this point, I had massive nerve damage in the leg, and couldn't feel most of; what I could feel was painful. I'm 28, and there were days when I couldn't walk, because every step felt like I was splitting my skin apart. They never got these blisters under control. The blistering never went past my knee. There was almost a line where they stopped, around my leg. I've had cuts on other parts of my body without an issue, so we don't why this happened or what technically caused it. When they couldn't get the blistering under control, they upped the antibiotics. When I started to show signs of kidney failure, we discussed options. I was able to keep my knee, but lost the leg a few inches below it. I don't have a prosthetic yet, and for the most part I'm okay with it. It's not pain free, but it's not like it was before. One of my brothers, from the minute I woke up from surgery, has been calling me Peggy (my name is not even close lol), but it's all in fun. To keep my spirits up. I'm not overweight, not diabetic and was never really sick until this. It just happened. I guess sometimes things just happen.
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

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  DoomedGemini  |  37

I'm sorry, but that's still unacceptable. I don't see how that would help at all. It's more of the dad saying "your amputation isn't normal and makes everyone uncomfortable and no one wants to see it." That is HORRIBLE no matter what the reason was for the amputation. It won't "help" shit other than showing the dad is a complete asshole and make op self conscious when when they already probably have to deal with those feelings just from having the amputation. Op, I'd say talk to him about it or if this is normal or he refuses to change, cut him out of your life. You need people who will help you with the change, and that's all it is. A change. Nothing is wrong with you and I hope you know that.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

I can't believe anyone can be that vile, and #92 you're no better than the father if you're actually defending them by thinking it might be OPs fault. You actually tried to blame OP for being upset that their own father is embarrassed for something OP is trying to come to terms with themselves. Absolutely appalling.

  BubblesofDoom  |  4

"He's" a female. (or at least OP says she is)
Besides, OP's dad was being unreasonable and I hope she got to go anyways(if only to make him uncomfortable)

  klawzor  |  17

What? Who cares if it's insensitive, it's funny as hell and i agree, he should have more likes. Just because you're insensitive doesn't mean you need to hate all jokes like that. I'm insensitive as you can tell but doesn't mean i don't think he dad is a dick.

By  WhoopteDo  |  26

I can't bring myself to make a horrible joke. instead, sorry OP, that's extremely rude and insensitive of your father. Kids are supposed to matter most to parents, but all too often FML displays otherwise.