By Ulysse - United Kingdom
Today, I have my new iPod Touch, and I'm walking down the street. Since it's really cold, I'm wearing gloves. At some point, I want to change the song, and don't want to remove my gloves. I try changing the song with my nose, for about 3 minutes, until I realize I look really stupid. FML
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By  GeekN  |  0

I've had two nanos prior to my touch and I find it just as irritating. I've tried my nose, my lips and my tongue to change the song when I've got my mitts on to no avail. It's sooo annoying...

By  Shadow_fml  |  0

I had to do that the other night with my IPod Nano when I wanted to decrease the volume. I got a few looks at the bus stop I was waiting in the cold at 1030pm 'cause I was using my nose to lower the volume.

By  shady1  |  0

haha this made me laugh the hardest of all the FML things cuz it happened to me all the time. than i got some gloves where you can remove the finger part so its all good now