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Today, I attended my aunt's open-casket funeral. My sister spent the first quarter of an hour neither grieving nor celebrating her life, but whining that the "cute" clothes my aunt was dressed in could have been handed down to her, instead of being "wasted". FML
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sophietr8 tells us more.

In order to explain more, my aunt had promised to lend her the shirt, so she was a little angry that my uncle used that one in the open casket. It was just a momentary thing, but yeah, it was pretty bitchy. I already had a long conversation with her about it.

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You should have told her that you were mortified, and she was dead wrong because her logic had a fatal flaw. What, too soon?


KingCeltic77 18

I would have went with a different b word there

Everyone grieves differently. I have known a few people to go into a self centered state of mind because the death hasn't quite sunk in yet. If that is the case here, that girl will be very embarrassed about her actions when reality hits.

@31 Barnacle? Broccoli? Bruschetta? Bismarck? Bratwurst? Blumpkin?

baseball. definitely baseball. as in, hit her in the head with a baseball bat.

Horrible and selfish the girl's viewpoint may be, I think she has a point (sort of). It's not as if dead people need clothes. Well I suppose they do in an open casket funeral.. Still, I can see where she's coming from, but she should have worded it better and not acted like a spoiled brat.

Yes 83, they definitely need clothes for an open casket funeral.

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Considering OP is a dude with the username "brotheroftrash", I'm going to guess no.

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7) That doesn't mean anything! Based alone on what we've seen posted on FML guys apparently enjoy wearing dresses more than we think.

laya_fml 26

I just reread the FML and realized he said clothes and not dress. Oops.

i have to agree with #2 sure his sister is being selfish and inconsiderate but OPs life isnt ******. OP is experiencing more of an inconvenience that his sister is self-centered

No, it just meant life sucks for op having such a bitch of a sister. I the only one whose phone is saying op is a female not named brotheroftrash??

No it's Sophie which I presume is a female.

It used to say "brotheroftrash" and the OP changed it. Hmm...weird.

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What a damn shame..... You sister must have a very retro style in clothing.

Or the Aunt was stylish and young. Now, don't get me wrong, the majority of people's Aunts are much older than them, but I will be 35 when my niece is 15, and I don't necessarily think that's old. On a side note, Retro is coming back in style though :/

Epikouros 31

I hope you'll live past 35, MrsPegg.

86: I'm sensing hostility from you. My comment was in no way meant to be taken in a sense of "aunts die young". I was implying that it's possible that OP's aunt was young and therefore added my age comparison to my niece. I could've easily said 'I'll be 80 when my niece is 65' but chose my younger years to say 35 isn't old (and I'm fully aware OP didn't say a single thing about her aunts age). In all due respect, I'm assuming OP's sister is incredibly young for the lack of empathy, maturity or respect for her Aunt. I hope we all live happy, long, fulfilled lives, but sometimes horrible things happen and people close to us die before their "time".

And now I look like a fool- "80 when my niece is 60"*

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Oh wow she's self centered. Everyone grieves differently.

Some forms of grieving that I have experienced, witnessed, or heard of involve: regret, anger, sadness, denial, etc. But selfishness and greed? Well those are a definite first.

You should have told her that you were mortified, and she was dead wrong because her logic had a fatal flaw. What, too soon?

Her logic is technically correct, but she definitely lacks respect/morality. *That's* the real problem, not her logic.

I don't see what this has to do with morality either. :P

23. Respecting the dead (and feelings of their relatives) is moral choice/obligation which is a bit related to religion. Clothes will rot away, so technically sister is correct that they're wasted. However, since she doesn't care about her dead aunt, that's entirely different matter, which is not related to logic.

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It has a lot to do with mortality.

AbstraktThoughts 13

13 - DB's comment flew way over your head huh?

#13, obviously you didn't realise that Doc's comment's intention was to make puns, hence the "What, too soon?" The comment was meant to be taken lightly and not be questioned for its logic. *mortified* *dead* *fatal*

What does it have to do with morality, then? You act like it's a given but don't explain it. I mean, it's not like she's hurting the aunt. Oh, and #35, was that a typo or a pun...?

WearingHats 14

You're on FML, what the **** do you think?

I think it could be either. I've seen just as much horrible spelling as puns. And no one's really answered my question yet. :/

The answer to your question is that you need to get the **** off the Internet if you can't learn to take jokes. It wasn't about the morality, it was about the mortality and the puns.

She should show more respect for the deceased. It's a FHL for being a horrible person.

It's not really a big deal as long as the OP was the only one who heard it. Given that he posted this on FML, it probably didn't bother him *that* much. As for the aunt... well, it's not like she cares anyway at this point.

Are you sure? I thought 'casterisknt' was the proper way to say it.

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Oh I didn't even know you say **** on here! I thought my comment would get blocked! Nice!

By "self-preservation", do you mean intelligence?

perdix 29

Slip the mortician a fifty (or the Dutch equivalent of a entry-level prostitute) and he'll be happy to bury a naked stiff and give your sister some cute duds infused with the stench of death.

footcheezeez 16

Or just drag her aside and bribe her to shut the **** up about the dress, or beat her ass back at home.

All she will have to do is wash that stench out with some spare laundry tads. :P

Stench? That's Eau de Formaldehyde. I'd be tempted to give Sis a bath in it.

perdix 29

I don't see anyone else proposing a solution that is as win-win as mine!

Jokes on the sister, because the back of dead people clothing is open. It'll be like wearing a hospital gown.

perdix 29

#32, if the sister is looking to show off her ass, that feature would be a plus ;)

37- I think there's a difference between "showing off" and "completely revealing". I hope it becomes a trend though, the world needs more ass.

perdix 29

#39, what a beautiful thought! I think I'll get "The World Needs More Ass" T-shirts and coffee cups printed up. It could be the next "Life is Good" franchise, but in this case, stick-figure drawing won't do, if you know what I mean ;) ;)

These hipsters are getting out of control..