By M. Night Shytefuck - United States - Plattsmouth
Today, I handed my boss my 2 weeks' notice. 20 minutes later, I was doing my work alone in the very cold basement of the building. My boss claimed it was a routine relocation planned months in advance. It's going to be a long 2 weeks. FML
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  strike2867  |  13

It wouldn't look bad at all. The two weeks is a courtesy. His boss has shown he doesn't understand that. The risk here is a future employer will call him for a reference, but at this point I can't imagine he would give out a good one regardless.

  nomoreparty  |  11

Generally as per HR exit policies it is not allowed to take leave during notice period for any reason, if done so one may be required to work extra days as per the terms of employment. So OP may have to serve 15 days notice,which may delay his further future plans.