By bittersweet - 08/02/2009 03:08 - United States

Today, I texted my boyfriend saying "Hi." His response: "I got your best friend pregnant". FML
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Are you kidding me?? Some friends they are. Drop them.

Everyone is talking about the boyfriend. What about the **** "best friend?" Go.


Are you kidding me?? Some friends they are. Drop them.

hahaha.. Glad to see he thinks it's funny.. He just became a Dad.. for life..

ya sad thing is something really similar has happened to me. not fun, I know how u feel

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it sux...but atleast ur not the one preggo. also sooner or later u would have to find out tht ur bf and ur bff where not worth your time. your the lucky one. there gonna baby mama drama & nobody wants a guy w/ a kid.

Fml at the story but wtf is with the cartoon? LOL

haha yea thats the truth................... but seriously kick his ass to the curb

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I agree with like everyone atleast ur not preggo and u found out directly from ur bf so u didn't figure it out after he got u and ur bff preggo

That's what I would do, 1. Seriously?! That really sucks and I hope you find someone worth your time, OP.

hey you deserve it for freakin sending your boyfriend one worders. you suck

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tell him HIS best friend got YOU pregnant

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Haha, exactly what I would say!

Tell him: I got YOU'RE best friend pregnant.....

339 OP is a girl , I don't think she can get anyone pregnant?

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397- turn your autocorrect back on. You're embarrassing yourself.

OP Sure it would suck to be pregnant at an early age but they did kinda do it to themselves. And if the FML poster is really the pregnant Gil's best friend then they will support they're friend no matter what the cost.

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she slept with he bf idt they r best friends anymore. if the prego girl realy was her bff she wouldn't be prego

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All i have to say is "well hello to u too!"

Number 400 that's all I have to say .

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it would've been pretty funny, but you're right..the spelling ruined it..

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lol !!! that's the best thing I've ever read on fml.. comments are soo much more entertaining

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you just made my day old man hahahaha (epic picture)

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I'm pretty sure he's a douche and a perv

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You're truly a repulsive old man.

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what the hells up with this guy? I just finished reading an fml where he said "incest is the best"

297- incest is the best, pit youre brother to the test

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dude, u have been on FML saying masterbating is evil and bullshit like tht. now ur saying preggo threesomes r hot? get ur priorities straightcperv

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dang...well what are you going...he now has a kid and you can get someone better.

No, the op is a girl.. She should kicked him in the no-nos area.

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He's already got a kid that he probably won't be able to support, might as well kick him hard in the nuts.

#486- yeah, make sure he cant have any MORE kids

That is still domestic abuse. If OP was a man and his girlfriend did something bad and someone commented punch her, it'd get moderated and they would get banned.

Everyone is talking about the boyfriend. What about the **** "best friend?" Go.

Agree with you, who should she be more angry at? Her boyfriend or her best friend? I don't know but both are equally retarded.

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I think her best friend for betraying her.

agreed! manwhore and *****. perfect for each other. FYL OP!! Seriously, find better people to be around cuz I've been there, done that with bad relationships. trust ne it's just not worth it :(

How can you betray your best friend so deeply? I Would Yell at her a while then find a new best friend , poor you OP!!

Thing is, thé boy friend HAD a responsibility to her... Not thé slutty friend!!

The responsibility falls on the boyfriend and the best friend. Best friends are supposed to have your back, not sleep with your boyfriend. So both are at fault. You can't blame just the boyfriend. They both ****** up.

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ahahahaha thats actually kinda funny if you think about it, but seriously what anon said, don't waste peoples time and money with "hi"

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What, people don't start conversations with hi any more because normally my conversations go like this~ me:hi my friend:hey, how are you? me:good, and you. my friend:good WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY!!!

I would have gone into cardiac arrest upon getting that text.

So would I.. That is absolutley terrible.. can you imagine?? :(

268, are you serious? If so try Google.

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i agree with #19... wow.. well at least he didnt get YOU pregnant. His and your "best friend's" life is ****** now. So be angry and move on. I would laugh SO hard.. after i got over the fact that i had a shitty best friend and boyfriend.. closest people to you. I love karma! Omg seriously.. laugh in her face...

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She doesn't HAVE to have the baby you know. She'll probably end up getting an abortion and then her life will go on as usual.