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Today, on our first holiday together, my boyfriend decided to spend his time reminiscing about having come here once with his ex. He then decided to go type up an email to her about it. FML
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You should have grabbed him and given him a memory better than anything he could have done with her. Problem solved.

SuperDerp 8

Tell him to give up. Seriously.... There is a reason they're exes.


SuperDerp 8

Tell him to give up. Seriously.... There is a reason they're exes.

tjv3 10

So today your now ex bf and you were together?

JackeeDawn 9
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^ Yeah, uhm, I wanna apologize to all the non-Americans for this culturally-illiterate piece of shit above me. British English isn't exactly an obscure dialect you know.

The fact that he wants to talk to her while he is with OP is a pretty good sign that he is not over his ex and OP should be moving on.

starman02 12

Tell him to give up? I'd tell OP to give up!

JackeeDawn 9

Excuse me #20. How does bot knowing something make me a piece of shit? You do not know where I live or anything so you have no idea of I am American or not. If you must know things down to a personal level I have masses in my brain that are being tested for cancer. They discovered the masses because I kept forgetting things and being forgetful.

#30 they were referring to the fact that some people use the word "holiday" in place of vacation. They assumed you are American because I think we are the only English speaking nation that doesn't commonly use that term. Although, they were a little harsh about it.

mduffy08 8

The drama on this site will never cease to amaze me.

SenselessPattern 12

38# Would you like me to show you the 138+ monster thread, good sir? Enough drama for all the twilight books, Glee, and Breaking bad on the first two pages.

mduffy08 8

44 - Wait a minute... the one where everyone was bitching about Paraguay?

Are we talking about that 15 year old who thought he was the smartest guy ever again?

dontyawishyaknew 12

Don't let assholes like #20 get you down! You're better than that jerk...shame on them for passing judgment on You like that!

jasmine1259 2

20, you don't have to be such an asshole. Yeah what he said was pretty dumb but that doesn't make him a piece of shit. It makes you one though for calling him that.

SenselessPattern 12

I know right, who the **** uses emails anymore.

It's "Learn British English" Day. If I can learn the word differences in school, so can you.

55 - holiday is another word for vacation.

"let's go skinny dipping!" "yeah I remember when mr and my ex did that here... We did things about 7 times and I kept finishing before her! Funny huh?!

You should have grabbed him and given him a memory better than anything he could have done with her. Problem solved.

agonydrum 7

I guarantee if she started giving head he would stop thinking about his ex

Then he could email his ex about the new memory.

By "memory" I hope you mean slapping the shit out of him.

And this would culminate with him crying out his ex's name. Wonderful memories she's getting here.

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perdix 29

Email or sexting? The sad thing is when he writes "wish you were here," he really means it. Hopefully, he'll be polite enough to let you in on a three-way when she magically shows up. I mean, it's the least he could do.

nothing92x 13

Um's called if he offers then she dumps him. Honestly, your comment is idiotic and unneeded, just as mine is. Faith in humanity: -50.

WearingHats 14

I hate when people try to reason with perdix. They just don't understand.

Don't you love when someone gets all serious about a joke.

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SenselessPattern 12

If your faith is loose, you'd better catch it before it tries to play in traffic or something. Industrial strength metal chains work well, but if you're lost in the wilderness, a braided rope of your own piss can work as well.

astralvagan 20

33, it's comments like yours that make me wonder where proper spelling has gone

nothing92x 13

I don't always take the time to read someone's profile as I sometimes am rushing to and from places. No I am not new, but I have seen several comments around that would on the level of the person I replied to and they would mean it in to the letter. Sorry if my I ability to notice the difference between types of comments is not that great.

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61- for what it's worth, I caught the reference and smiled a bit.

It's comments like these that make me NOT GIVE A DAMN!

Then start texting one of your exs see how he likes it

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Sounds like he was being impulsive, were you guys drinking?

Sounds like someone isn't over their ex... Better slap some sense into him!

B-B-B-BITCH SLAP! Seriously, OP, go talk some sense into him, smack some sense into him, f*** some sense into him... DO SOMETHING!

Sometimes it's normal for someone to remember an ex if the relationship was long and the break up civil. That being said, still not right to do what he did.

brianfantana32 10

Memories are memories, you shouldn't be jealous. At least he's not describing the sex with you.

kittytub 12

it's not being jealous; there is a reason they are ex's. if op's SO really does still like/love/have feelings for his ex, he shouldn't be with op. prolonging it or cheating would make things worse.

If he was just remembering that would be one thing, but he actually went to go e-mail her about it. That's something totally different. He felt the need to tell his ex where he was and that he remembered their trip together.

This - it goes to show he's still obsessed with her/wants her on some level, and nothing good comes from that. She's wasting her time on some selfish jerk, and she needs to run run run run/ /BT;DT