By Anonymous - Turkey
Today, I was in my hotel room. I picked up an expensive wine from the mini fridge, just to see what it is. I heard a mechanical "bling". I was charged for it. Then, I tried to put it back, only to hear another "bling". I was charged twice for expensive wine that I won't even drink. FML
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  mattman1994  |  0

53 if they drank it, there would be a guaranteed charge. If they talk to the front desk, it might be taken off the bill

I went to a hotel once where it was $7.50 for a can of Mountain Dew. I can't even imagine what a bottle of wine would cost at that rate

  sourgirl101  |  28

There are so many different types of wines. One to suit anyone's taste. Don't knock it until you've tried them all. Besides many foods taste so much better when you add the right wine to match.

  blankaex  |  0

82, you can't make a comparison unless you know what you're comparing. So you either know the taste of piss, are just assuming it tastes bad or lying. If it's not the first one, don't say it. Never assume and never lie.

  your_face  |  15

@127 - the senses of smell and taste are linked, so oftentimes things taste the way they smell. Therefore, if beer tastes the way piss smells, you can guess that beer tastes like piss.


nah, most times things smell way different than they taste. Try eating a flower or drinking a perfume. You just assotiated the smell with the taste. Coffe, for example, smells different from how it tastes, but you linked the smell and the taste together so you think "coffee" as soon as you smell it. That doesn't mean they smell and taste the same.
Not to speak of all the things that don't even have a noticeable smell, like, oh, I dunno.. BEER?

  Mikki4321  |  0

Have you ever had beer? Or maybe American beer has no smell (because it's crappy anyway), but the beer I usually think most certainly smells like beer. And if you have beer thrown over your clothes, and you smell them the next morning, they will smell like beer.
Altough I do admit it smells different than it tastes.

By  missL1z  |  5

That sucks! I've been to one of those hotels, it's crazy how they play with your curiosity but you can't look at them for long. I think there is a grace period right?

  hellblade36  |  0

i doubt it... if it was uncharging them it would be too easy to beat the system

ex: i take wine, it charges me, i use the whole bottle, put the bottle back, it uncharges me

see?.. the hotel wouldnt be stupid enough to make a system like that..

  Amanyyyyyy  |  29

140- It went through the scanner twice. That's why at the grocery store you're not supposed to put your items with barcodes too close to the scanner, or they may scan more than once.

By  AudaciouslyInsan  |  0

Uuuuuum, helloooooo. You just bought it, you might as well take it when you leave and give it to a friend for a special occasion. Next time don't mess with the stuff in the mini fridge, you shoulda knew by now that they'd charge you regardless if you drank it or not.

  your_face  |  15

Why should anyone assume that? I've never used a minibar myself, so I'd just as soon assume they'd check it after I left and charge whatever's gone to my bill. It makes just as much sense as guessing they'd charge you for taking something out.


Yes, but they began to use technology to automatically charge then and there so the guest can't pull the whole, 'that wasn't in there to begin with, I don't have a clue what you're talking about.' Nice try though, time to get with the program.