By Anonymous - 04/05/2018 15:00

Today, I got back to my car with a note cussing me out for parking in a disabled space when I’m clearly not disabled. They also smashed my windows. It’s true, I’m not disabled, but I also wasn’t parked in a disabled space. I was parked in a normal space next to the disabled spaces. FML
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The person who did that is obviously mentally disabled

time to check the security cams


The person who did that is obviously mentally disabled

Now your car is disabled

time to check the security cams

You should buy that ‘99 Corolla and you can park anywhere, even handicapped spots. Even if they know you’re able-bodied, they’ll feel sorry for you.

Ugh I hate people like that. For all they know maybe it WAS a disabled person, who simply didn't look it, and forgot their placard that day, or even had it displayed but the "vigilante" didn't look hard enough to spot it. I am so sick of people whose disabilities already make their lives hard, getting judged & harrassed by meddling pricks like this guy all the time. IF YOU THINK SOMEONE PARKED WHERE THEY SHOULDN'T, TELL THE AUTHORITIES, IF YOU MUST, BUT DON'T DO OR SAY ANYTHING YOURSELF. Because odds are, that actually IS a legit disabled person you're fixing to shit on.

I get your rant but clearly not applicable to this post.

gseibold, are you stupid?

I've got 2 bad knees (both getting full replacement), a hip replacement, two broken discs, and shrapnel in my shoulder still. I can't tell you the amount of times I have been cussed out for parking in the disabled spaces (yes, I have a placard). Apparently I'm not disabled "enough" for some people.

Seriously, who says they deserved it?

There are probably trolls on here that always click the button just to do it

Suaria 37

You get a badge if you hit 'you deserve it' enough times. People might be doing it for that.

Not being disabled doesn't mean you can't get a disabled parking permit. If you frequently have to pick up or drop off someone who is disabled, you can get the permit.

Defiantly check the security cameras if there are any. And I hate when people decide you're not disabled enough to park there. Not all disabilities are visable. That being said they had no right to break your car. Especially since you weren't even in a disabled parking spot. And even if you were they still don't have a say in why you're parked there. For all they know you're getting something for your sick grandma.

ever since my wife had cancer I have been a handicapped parking nazi. If you don't have a tag or plates displayed, don't park there. I called on a Corvette once. turned out it was owned by a 1 legged man. I showed them he had no tag or plates. Cops said no tag or plates don't park there. I called those cops because a lady bringing her daughter with severe disabilities had to park about 300 feet down where there was no wheelchair ramp for her. They thanked me for sticking up for them.

you're an ass and I feel sorry for the one legged man.

but you dont feel sorry for the severely handicapped girl bound to a wheelchair who had to be wheeled clear across the parking lot?

but you dont feel sorry for the severely handicapped girl bound to a wheelchair who had to be wheeled clear across the parking lot?

So basically in your mind if a handicap person forgot their placard for some reason they deserve to suffer? Because that's what I'm getting from your "No tags or sticker don't park there story about the one legged man".

If no handicapped tag or plates are displayed it's illegal to park in a handicapped parking spot where I'm at. Is that different from state to state? Also I will never feel sorry for a person driving around in a new Corvette.

I am disabled from lupus. I have good and bad days of course. I’ve been harassed so many times for using disabled parking spots because I’m “too young” to be disabled.

I apologise on behalf of people & out society that's incapable of realizing disability can happen at any age.