By Raspution
Today, I received my first customer complaint. A regular customer is uncomfortable because I'm always smiling and saying "see you soon". They're considering treating it as sexual harassment. FML
raspution tells us more :
OP here and i work for the government apparently this will cost tax payers about 10,000 to investigate. Tax dollars at work.
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By  donb23  |  23

You just can't do anything today without it being considered as sexual harassment. You are too nice- sexual harassment, you make some joke - sexual harassment. You type in the word sexual and the next suggested word is harassment.

  LeoCor  |  18

Some people do overreact honestly, but other times it really is sexual harassment. You have the idiots who want all the attention and others who have been harassed who get ignored because of the idiots

By  Liongoddess8  |  18

I'm sorry, but this is so funny lol but really, I hope you don't get in actual trouble for that. I guess you're just gonna have to frown at your customers now and say "don't come back again" instead of "see you soon".

By  Rodville  |  28

Get a restraining order out against the person so the store has to tell him to take his business elsewhere as if they try to fire you you can sue them for not providing a safe working environment.