By wrong state for that shit - 22/8/2020 04:48 - United States - Hesperia

Weird accusation, lady

  Today, my uncle’s girlfriend’s paranoid jealousy hit a new low. I woke up to several nasty, threatening texts from her, accusing me of sleeping with my own uncle. According to her, no uncle and niece could possibly be as close as he and I are without something freaky going on. I really hate her. FML
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By  TxKitten  |  8

I'd show him the texts. Then I'd also text her, "Do not text or contact me in any other manner again. If you continue to harass me I will file harassment charges." Then file charges of she doesn't stop. You can't legally claim harassment if you don't tell her to stop.

By  Brightside86  |  23

Sounds like your uncle's girlfriends gone through some troubles with infidelity. It's easy for people to learn the wrong lessons from those experiences. I hope you can work things out.