By bkb12 - 08/05/2015 21:44 - United States - South Windsor

Today, I found out the reason why my car has smelled so bad for the past two weeks. It turns out when my sister was bringing in groceries from my car she forgot to grab the raw chicken. FML
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bkb12 tells us more.

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Hey everyone, I'm the OP of this post. I didn't notice the smell for so long because the smell had started two weeks ago and only got worse everyday. I looked at my car and couldn't find the source. I sprayed it with febreze hoping that would make it go away. I'm a teenage girl, so I don't know much about cars so I figured it was just something in the hood. When I finally found the chicken, it had been under the backseat the whole time. My sister is actually only 9. I took her shopping with me and she offered to bring in all the bags. I guess I can't blame her though, because the chicken had been hiding. I told her about it and we laughed it off. My car smells fine now. Thanks for all the comments!

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I would've suspected fowl play within the first week!

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I'm glad you didn't get onto your sister about it. She is just 9, and trying to help. I wish more kids were that helpful.


how did u not think to look for a smell?

#11 apparently you haven't seen a Tom and Jerry cartoon!

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It's a smell. A smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells...smelly. Just smell it out...unless you're like me and have a low sense smell. It's a blessing and a curse.

You can't see smell but you can follow it. 2 weeks is a long time not to investigate sooner.

I realise I said look but if something is smelly your going to search to see where that smell is coming from, I agree two weeks is a long time though

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#26, it was a pun, genius. Should have been fairly obvious since he said fowl and not foul.

What insight! Such articulation! If only there were a particular button on this site we could click on to express that very sentiment.

Unless you open your car windows in a car wash, I do not find this as a good idea.

It's called getting your car detailed, people clean the inside of your car. It's extremely common, I don't know why you've never heard of this.

You survived 2 weeks of rotting raw chicken smell?! FYL

Didn't she realise something was missing when she was unpacking them?

Dude, I just did said the same shit!

How do you forget about the chicken??

Wow that sucks,Good luck getting rid of the smell and possible maggots...

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Good thing it wasn't fish she left. That smell stays for awhile.

I'm not sure rotting raw chicken is any better.

I'm surprised OP didn't puke in anyone's lap while in the car.

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I'm surprised it took you that long...