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Hey everyone, I'm the OP of this post. I didn't notice the smell for so long because the smell had started two weeks ago and only got worse everyday. I looked at my car and couldn't find the source. I sprayed it with febreze hoping that would make it go away. I'm a teenage girl, so I don't know much about cars so I figured it was just something in the hood. When I finally found the chicken, it had been under the backseat the whole time. My sister is actually only 9. I took her shopping with me and she offered to bring in all the bags. I guess I can't blame her though, because the chicken had been hiding. I told her about it and we laughed it off. My car smells fine now. Thanks for all the comments!
By bkb12 / Friday 8 May 2015 21:44 / United States - South Windsor
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  nothing92x  |  13

It's a smell. A smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells...smelly. Just smell it out...unless you're like me and have a low sense smell. It's a blessing and a curse.

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