By why lie - 4/6/2020 20:00

Age ain't nothing but a number

Today, my boyfriend renewed his driver's license and showed me the picture. I told him he needed to go back because they'd put the wrong birthdate. Turns out the idiot forgot he’s been lying to me about his age the whole time we’ve been together. He’s not actually 30. He’ll be 43 in two months. FML
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  rotflqtms_  |  18

I look WAAAAAYYYY younger than I am. My brother lies about his age all the time because he can. I tell people my age and they don't believe me until I take out my driver's license.
When my mom and dad were first dating, people thought he was dating a little girl. They didn't realize she was 23 at the time. It just runs in the family. Even now she looks way younger than she is.
If my boobs weren't so big, I'd look even younger.