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Today, I found out that the girl I tutored in high school in basic ENGLISH just received her PhD in Biophysics. I am now the manager of a McDonald's. I was also the Valedictorian of our graduating class. FML
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LOL #1. You do know that Biophysics doesn't have that much of a correlation to English, right? You should get up and DO something about your situation instead at looking at what others are doing.

at least you're manager and not an employee :D


at least you're manager and not an employee :D


DUDE WTF is wrong with you! ur the dumb bitch ass mother ****** lolololololl(#16)!

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Don't feed the troll. And @1, a manager is a type of just a bit higher on the food chain I guess. Since the op is in the US he can get into college easily. Getting in has become so easy it's not even an accomplishment anymore. You can go online for example.

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I don't know what to click. That's just sad!! :(

OH YEAH?!?! WELL WHAT ABOUT YOU DAMNED REDNECK CONSERVATIVES AND YER BEER?!?!! Nah, I'm kidding. I agree with what you're saying, pimpin, but I'd like to point out that not all kids who experiment, pot or otherwise, automatically get addicted and fail at life. A friend of mine smoked pot, and now he's a decked-out Marine. Looks really handsome in his uniform. And actually, my high school was fairly conservative, but had a pretty shitty "life-preparing" system. The only real business classes we had were Ag Tech, Business Law, and Accounting. Other classes for "life-preparing" were Foods, Children, and Mass Media. [facepalms] Yeah, because it's really important for us to understand the TV culture, and we're all gonna have families. For us, the seniors, we had a few half-days, so they had the seniors attend some speeches about "adult living." In other words, around here we have to rely on our parents to teach us about life lol Not that that's bad, but yeah, schools need to step up. Oh, and yeah, OP You need to step up too. High school degree is shit these days. Go to college.

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75 - we thank you for your wonderful generalizations. I must say that your post would have been much more substantive if it weren't for all your "it's those god damn libruls" recitations in your post.

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pimpin you are my hero, i love you for changing my way of life and way of thinking. im not trolling or being sarcastic, you really changed me

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Haha Now see, DGW? We can agree! LOL OP- well you're a whiny, probably lazy, and stupid idiot. Big ******* deal, you were your high school Valedictorian! Which means your teachers had big hopes for you. Well, I guess you showed them!! The person you tutored actually tried to make something of herself and suceeded. You, on the other hand, had your best years in high school. WTF would make you think you deserve a better life than that person? It takes hard work, and sacrifices, and brains to get anywhere in life- unless you're born with the proverbial "silver spoon". Shame on you for thinking you deserve sympathy. Either get up off your lazy ass and get an education- or STFU.

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I love how you (#92) mention that he looks good in OP, sucks where your at, but at least you have a job? Be happy for her.

except that #16 has a point. if the OP is mad about this he should get off his lazy ass and do something with his life. if he was valedictorian he most likely got accepted to an at least somewhat prestigious college, therefore he had the option to make something of his life. if he didn't he needs to stop complaining. FHL.

@142: My mommy told me always tell the truth. Dohohohoho.

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YDI for not going to college you lazy bum

Fundies say the darndest things. Take #75 for instance.

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I understand that college is expensive, because I just graduated, and that was my first thought too. But then I realized that if this other girl has a PhD now, it's likely that she was in school for approximately 10 years. Assuming she and the OP are the same age, or at least close (i don't see why a freshman would be tutoring a senior in hs, for example), that's plenty of time to work for a few years to save up money, and then go to school. It's expensive, yes, but I made it through school with no help from my parents and only one semester's worth of loans with the money I got working through high school and college. and OP: if you're not happy with your job, save up your money, a little at a time (and stop spending so much, if that's your problem) and go back to school! I know it's hard, but if you are in a management position, I would think you would be able to scrape up enough at some point to go to school again.

#121: While some people end up in dead-end jobs because they couldn't afford college, I think that your school would have to be pretty pathetic for the valedictorian to not get a free ride scholarship to somewhere.

You do have to realize that most valedictorians can get scholarships to college, even if its to a community college, right? OP has no excuse to be bitching if she was too stupid to qualify for a scholarship. Totally agree about the PhD student probably being foreign.

@16 someone is grumpy.... did ur face bum ya out today??

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The world's a bitch. I can so imagine how you probably acted all stuck-up because you had excellent grades. I guess your attitude came to haunt you. I can see the self-righteousness in your diction. I'm gonna go with... YDI :)

YDI for not going to college. It's your own fault, valedictorians can pretty much get a full ride to most colleges (barring the high end schools).

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Dude....I have an IQ of over one hundred and fourty five, Im in school to be a Bioprocess Engineer, thats someone who researches new alternative fuels, Im in my second year of college at seventeen....and I work at McDonalds. Were in a recession, Jobs are scarce, and short of a specialty degree, there isnt much to separate a high school valedictorian from me. My point is, I work like a dog at McDonalds, and I do my job well WITHOUT drugs in my life. I want to better myself, but there arent options open. You need to open your airtight little mind to the idea that not only can smart people work in Fast Food, but you HAVE to be relatively smart to handle the organization and FOCUS required in Fast food....which you cant have on Drugs. Take your redneck left wing, overly excited, under-intelligent, brain dead, views OFF the internet. For all of our sakes. Squigi~

#16: just because someone works at mcdonalds does not mean that they are a pothead. OP is just paying h dues... some of the most successful people have worked at fast food restaurants or worked at the bottom. maybe OP is in a tough spot and didn't have options. this also does NOT mean that she didn't go to college or isn't in college. open up your mind a little& grow up.

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To the OP, I seriously suggest you read the book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz. I think it will help you tremendously. :)

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YDI if you had all that potential you shouldn't be working at mcDonalds

i agree with you. if she is bothered by this situation, then OP, get out there and do something, go to college, or whatever. you have talent if you were valedictorian!

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Agreed. It's the OP's fault she/he didn't do anything with their life, and also their fault that they're not going to school right now.

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umm...valedictorian does not equal talent nor does it mean that the OP works hard.

I think it pretty much means one or the other

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Agreed 114. It's pretty hard to be valedictorian of ANY school without working hard. I'm graduating college in the spring and starting my master's in the fall. I hate when my friends from high school don't want to hang out with their friends who went to college because THEY feel like losers for not doing anything with their lives. If you WANT to be a manager of a McDonald's and you're happy with what you're doing in live, then that is ******* fantastic, but don't look down on other people's achievements.

[Ring] May I take your order? OP: I'd like to order a college education and um...some initiative. I also want to order a large not being a whining bitch easy on the ice. McDonald's employee: That will be get off your ass and do something dollars. OP: Shit I left my wallet in my other pair of self-pity pants. Sorry McDonald's employee: Here have a job application. OP: Well I better go online and complain instead of pursuing ambitions and being assertive.

validictorian litteraly means shit now the one from my school had terible grades no friends couldnt talk to men and got it because she was a big suck up

LOL #1. You do know that Biophysics doesn't have that much of a correlation to English, right? You should get up and DO something about your situation instead at looking at what others are doing.

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It has not much to do with English literature, no. but it has a lot to do with basic english a phd is a lecturer a teacher. a researcher. wihout excellent english you cant get a phd op is trying to figure out how much mayonnaise pumps it takes to fill up a packet of mayonnaise. and the person who he used to teach BASIC english is trying to figure out physical applications to make medicine more safer and improve the world.

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Buying into stereotypes=not cool. She could have been African, too. They also tend to be very studious and like to go into medicine/related fields. Or maybe she was Italian, or Hispanic, or Russian. There's no way of knowing.

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47...of course you can get a PhD without being a good communicator in the english language. Most of my professors/TA's/lecturers barely speak English well enough to get by.

#47 - A PhD just means that person completed a certain amount of school, and got their doctorate. What about universities in other countries? They don't HAVE to speak a language that's not theirs in order to obtain a title from a school... they have to complete and pass their classes (including research and papers) and tests, though! Here's a link to the Wikipedia article about PhDs... ( I suggest you learn a bit more about them before saying something else that's not true. :)

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what 80 seems like OP tutored a smart foreigner whose first language is not English...if so, then so what? They are smart, and thats why they earned their PhD. Its not like they were talking basic English because they grew up in America, could not speak it in High School but now, 10 years later, they have magically become smart enough for a PhD. All this says is you tutored a foreigner who did not speak English when they came to this country. Also for OP, if you are Valedictorian, why are you working at a McDonalds? You can do better, get out, go to college, do something else with your life.

Exactly i say, she must be an immigrant. And she happens to be either a asian or brown. :D

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See, that's where you are wrong. You think that just because you're teacher speaks with a horrible accent and doesn't have the punctuation that Shakepere did, He got his degree on those grounds? No. Look, when you're studying biology just even at a masters level. YOu must have an outstanding vocabulary to understand the thousands of pages. My mother a surgeon, who thinks reading her literature is just as important as breathing is. She has horrible spoken english and vocabulary. But she CAN READ fluently anything and understand what's important. The kid who used to learn from Op, learned basic english So that's what I am talking about. Not strong enlish literature, No, they don't need a good sense of that.

49 Aren't you stereotyping Africans by saying that they "tend to be very studious and like to go into medicine/related fields"?

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the op is a ******* dick. just because her English wasn't good doesn't mean she was stupid. So typical American.

Coming from another Canadian, you're a bitch for saying "typical American." Seriously, that saying should REALLY die out some time soon.

What does you tutoring her have to do with anything? It's not like her English is very important for biophysics. And why capitalize all of the word English? If you chose not to study, I don't think this can really be anything but a YDI.

Agreed agreed agreed x 10,000. Just because she couldn't speak English well does not mean she wasn't intelligent. Apparently, she's pretty damn smart, in all likelihood smarter than you. YDI for being arrogant and a jerk.

why the hell didn't you go to college?

**** you! You said this in another fml too!

Oh my god why do you care so much. It's not like they're saying YDI because I like turtles. .... Though that'd be even more hilarious.


YDI because I like turtles.


YDI and FML because turtles love me.

Me too, but that isn't relevant to this conversation.

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YDI for going to highschool.

You sound self-absorbed. No wonder you're not doing anything with yourself.

Wow, two sentences and you can diagnose self-absorption?

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Two sentences: yes. In these two sentences he already mentioned that he bases his own successes off of other people, he thought he was better than everyone else, because his GPA said so, oh and, because a high GPA means success in life.