By ragnarok1540 - United States - Philadelphia
Today, despite hints, suggestions, and even blatant criticism, my coworker refuses to believe he smells like rotten donkey nuts. He says he only needs to shower once a week, and that he doesn't believe in deodorant. I volunteered to do an extra autopsy today because the morgue smells better. FML
ragnarok1540 tells us more :
Fortunately since we are pathologists, we don't really have any direct patient contact. However we do have many surgeons coming down to the surgical pathology lab, not to mention the poor laboratory technologists who have to work around this guy ...
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  nonsensical  |  26

I highly doubt his is a religious case.

  vegantreegirl  |  26

#20 (That Horse): Wrong. It's a hygiene issue. Regardless of the guy's religion the company CAN say he has to shower/use deodorant or be fired. At least in the U.S.

  ThatHorse  |  15

Actually that varies from state to state #33. Many states argue that religion and cultural heritage are to be protected, even at work. So if it is a religion/culture thing, OP and his coworkers are probably screwed.

  wobbly1  |  16

Describes a coworker of mine. He smells bad enough that flies threw up. After repeatedly commenting about the smell and taping deodorant to his locker, H R had a meeting with us about how this harassment will stop and if the culprit that harassed him was found, they would be fired. They stand by his right to stink, not our right to breathable air. We still put have to put up with his funk. Sucks to be us.

  ragnarok1540  |  39

Our medical school book shipment warehouse is near the veterinary school anatomy lab, and once they brought in a several day old donkey carcass from a local farm for their anatomy classes ...

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Un-fucking-canny. I was not particularly interested in the odor of a decomposing ass initially, but fuck ... I am surprised to see something normally hyperbolic and jocular in nature being described literally.


Because that's how our noses work. We adapt to smells pretty quickly, because it's not new information to our brains. Have you never exited a room you've been in for hours for a quick break, and reentered it only to ask yourself how on earth you didn't notice how stale the air was?