FML - The follow-up

Today, I found out that my mother has been pretending that I'm a woman so that she doesn't have to tell her colleagues that she has a gay son. Apparently this has been going on for the past four years. FML

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OP here, thank you all for the replies!! Just to confirm she's not religious at all or anything like that and acts as if she's really supportive to my face before going behind my back and acting as if it's demonic or something. The awkward part, though, is that my younger sister came out as lesbian a few years ago too, and my mother was more than happy to discuss her and her girlfriend, but despite myself having been out to her for 8 years now, she still seems to be really awkward about me dating guys. Also, to the few individuals who suggested that I must look like a girl, I'm more of a beard and suit sort of guy personally. On another note, thank you to those who suggested calling her my father and going into her work place in Drag; I'll be staying with her next month for a little while and may have to borrow one of my sister's dresses and cosplay wigs to roll up to her workplace - along with unshaven legs and face, whilst maintaining the usual booming man voice, of course.
By Brupopy - / Tuesday 27 December 2016 01:11 /
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By  Connor1623  |  19

I don't agree with her at all but I can see one reason while she did that. If she's a Christian,baptist,catholic,Muslim(can't recall any other religions that condone being gay) but if she is one of those she could be ashamed of you because you go against what she believes in, now I'm not saying what she did was ok I'm just saying I can understand why I would never do this myself if I had a gay son/daughter

  DoomedGemini  |  19

Pretty sure everyone understands she did it cause she's homophobic or doesn't have a backbone to defend op if there's homophobic coworkers. Not really much to misunderstand here.


I attend a super progressive baptist church. Our pastor is a lesbian, we constantly protest against social justice issues, etc. I also know progressive Catholics, Muslims, etc. Please don't make broad assumptions about religions, or say that religion can justify hatred.

By  TelephoneChoir  |  22

This seems like something that would be understandable if it happened once while a stranger put her on the spot (and even then not okay but forgivable), but really? For four years without telling you? That's unacceptable.

By  GhostFox  |  37

I guess I'm a spiteful little bastard because my thought for revenge was dressing up in a dress, wig, and makeup, with as much body hair on display that's legal and go to an event where your mom and coworkers would be. But that might be gasoline on an already lit flame and that's not the best idea.

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