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I don't suggest masturbating today.

who uses a towel to clean up glass?


Ouch, I guess you have to be more careful next time :L

ydi for not throwing that towel away. youll never get all the glass shards out of it.

I agree! it could have been worse... you could have used the towel to masturbate :P

Who the fuck uses a towel to clean glass?

op why wouldn't you use a broom and dustpan? much more effective.

I don't suggest masturbating today.

only masturbate if u want the next person u hav sex with to hav glass up their pussy (that is if op is a guy)

I think u have lint in ur eye.

hahahaha agreed

you should get that checked out

Yes we all feel compassion and love for you.

I do believe u op don't worry

ouchhhh that sounds terrible

You could, like, totaly be Leatherface's partner in crime now!!! Leatherface & Glasshands!!!!!! DAH DAH DUHHHHH! :)

This made me giggle :)

Ooooh. Sorry OP to hear that! D:

Why did you do that?

cause hes a retard

that poor towel has to be in so much pain! :(