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Today, I found out that my dad writes really weird and scary slash fiction involving characters from all of the CSI TV show franchises. FML
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At least it's slash fiction and not erotic

Maybe that's just the stuff YOU read, Alan. :P


Well nothing wrong with that, eh? It could be a lot wose.

At least it's slash fiction and not erotic

Maybe that's just the stuff YOU read, Alan. :P

I didn't wanna know that Alan, or anybody in particular >.>

Then that name is a misnomer apparently, are you sure it doesn't involve slashing?

It actually isn't always sexual it's generally just romantically but yeah if you stumble upon the sexual ones you're in for a hell of a ride XD

The slash in slashfiction is the symbol / Like, in a star trek slashfiction it would be Kirk/Spock or in a my little pony slashfic (or clopfic, as they call it) it would be Rainbow Dash/Scootaloo. It's like a shipfic but less love and more sex.

Oh, slashfiction... Has anyone here read The Skin Fic?

I think we need clarification from the OP. I thought he was talking about the Horror sub-genre of Slasher fiction.

33- Danisnotonfire? *shivers remembering that*

It could be worse... It could be based on op and op's extended family... Right now it's still "fiction"

As someone who is an avid reader of fanfiction in general (not CSI) Op means he writes weird, sexual "slash" fan fiction about CSI.

@#24: I disagree, slash just means it's same sex (mostly male). It can be as romantic or erotic as the author choses. There are epics of slash fics with not a single sex scene.

Alan i believe she is saying ignorance is bliss.

Slash doesn't mean SEX It just means two or more male characters in a romantic relationship

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I have read non-erotic slash fanfictions

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Not sure about hobby as such. I'm more interested in HOW you found out OP?

He could've been writing fan-fiction about Justin Bieber, see that would've been scary! O.O

I know Bieber is a joke, but he can't be the punch line for EVERY joke, can he? No, really, I'm actually asking. My stand-up career depends on it...

"My moms dies, my house is sold off, but lolz, Justin Bieber xDDDDDED" Does that answer your question #15?

In my eyes I think the Justin Bieber rigmarole is kinda dying down. The whole big thing to unanimously hate now is One Direction and Lil' Wayne. Shit still needs to stop though, I can only take so many youtube comments on music videos like "th1s is reel moosic unlyk thet lill wane shiet".

Wait, when did we start having to hate Lil Wayne? I missed that memo.... I mean, I was indifferent before, but now I'm FURIOUS at his music!!!

I guess you needed to be a bit more specific here with the words "scary" and "weird". But if it's his hobby, hey, that's how it is. I'm sure we all have odd hobbys that we aren't proud of. However, encouraging him to get new character inspiration in my opinion wouldn't be a total bad idea.

It could be worse, he could be writing scary slash fiction about you and your family.

What exactly would be "scary" slash fiction? "No! The murderer who kills his victims with his huge **** is here to **** us over!"

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I find that terrifying, actually.

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And singing "Waiting on the Family, with a pocket full of shells" I always thought it was about collecting sea shells on the beach with your family.

#49 Necrophilia, rape, torture ****... There's a lot of scary out there.

"Yeah, but is he any good at..." (Puts on sunglasses) "...writing terrible and cheesy one-liners?" YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost choked on my apple juice reading this comment

If you had tragically passed away when that happened, the line would be: (Puts on sunglasses) Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!