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Today, a woman shouted at me to give up my disabled seat on the bus because she wanted to sit down. She wasn't physically disabled, wasn't nearly old enough to need it, and the bus was half empty anyway. I guess my prosthetic leg doesn't entitle me to a priority seat. FML
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Hi all! OP here! So, to start off, thanks for all the support (and sorry for firing off last time!). To the one or two of you who think I should be able to stand, first: the disabled seating is there for a reason; second: when you're standing on the bus you use your toes to help you balance a bit, and if you can't move toes on one leg it's a bit difficult. Third: My leg's basically a metal pole with a foot on the end, it's not one of the fully realistic ones, and I was wearing shorts so it was kinda obvious. Next, to those saying she may have been disabled in her own way: Unless she was severely mentally disabled, she still didn't need to shout at me, and I know her locally, she's just a bit of a bitch. Also there was only like 2 other people on the bus, and about 6 free disabled seats, she just wanted MY seat. And yes I realise I post a lot of stuff, life sucks haha. It isn't as consistent as my posting makes it appear, some of these stories happened a while ago, but how many FMLs actually happened that day? I'll try and think of another for you guys next week hahaha. And to whoever said I need my own section on FML, I won't complain hahaha. Thanks for reading the rant, see ya!

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Should have told her the seat is for physically disabled people, not mentally disabled.

ohsnapword 21

Should have just let her kid try it on.


Next time, just remove your leg and fend her off with it.

ohsnapword 21

Should have just let her kid try it on.

Only thought of? It's from the same person.

I know hence why I thought of it lol It's hard to forget their username. Sighs when people assume.

How do you *know* she wasn’t disabled?

I didn’t think of that. She could’ve had a “hidden “ disability. That doesn’t give her the right to be rude and demanding, though.

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I agree. I have a lot of neurological disorders that make it hard to be active. But even then it's not beneath me to sit towards the back of the bus. No need to be rude.

Should have told her the seat is for physically disabled people, not mentally disabled.

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Perhaps the prosthetic is too realistic… this could be a sign it’s time to make the switch to a peg leg, matey.

You need an attitude adjustment. Instead of looking at the bus being half-empty, you should say the bus is half-full. Nevertheless, if there are open seats on the bus, why is this woman bitching at you? Is she insane?

Yes,yes they are crazy some people suffer from extreme entitlement syndrome and trust me if you meet one of these people u'll wish you were dealing with a straight up sociopath 😵

Well you could try what a old vet friend of mine use to do with the rude ass' tell them you can hop on one leg while you beat the stupid out of them with the other leg 😏😜

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You can do as you wish, but it is handicap seating. You know what is a pretty big handicap? That's right you guessed it, it's needing an artificial leg. Now of course they may adapt well with it but it is a handicap none the less. As much as OP's attitude was off on her pervious fml they do not need to put up with that situation.

oh i fully understand its a handicap, and that she should not have to put up with that situation. but i have less sympathy for people who decide people arent physically disabled yet do not know a thing about the other person. 😊

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Shut the **** up, for ***** sake

Disabled seating was primarily made for people who cannot use the regular seats. You know who cannot use regular seats, people with legs that don't bend correctly. I I'm familiar with this, since I have two fake knees (one that does not bend more than 80 degrees), a fake hip, and fused lower back discs. I cannot fit in the regular seats, so for me it's disabled seating or I stand. People with prosthetics usually have the same problems. So technically these are our seats and these other people can blow it out their asses.

Having a prosthetic isn't like getting a brand new leg and that's that. Try standing on a moving bus with one leg, see how well you can balance. Go on, I dare ya.

So sorry, OP. I hate that. I’ve never had that happen, but plenty o people have bitched because they had to move for me. I’ve also dealt with assholes who are too damn stupid to move out of the aisle so that I can get past. They tend to try to move just slightly. I need to learn that when I run over these people with my walker, or bump into them with it, don’t apologize because THEY DESERVED IT.