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  majones  |  0

I whipped it out, cleaned it off, and stuck it in her eye. And by "it" of course I'm referring to a contact lens. It must have got dirty. ;)

  whitley1031  |  0

I am REALLY confused, is OP a dude or a chick?!

And this isn't an FML, ur just taking this situation way too seriously. If he told u he takes f-book srsly, u might not wanna be w a computer nerd such as him.

Just sayinn....

  whitley1031  |  0

i didnt mean it like that, tard, i meant if he spends the majority ofl his time on facebook, u might not wanna be w him

dont be all over-defensive, no one likes that shit

  do20ss  |  4

naaaa don't bite it off, don't spit it back(cuz that's porno shit)(and just nasty) if u don't like it n ur eye, don't put his junk n ur mouth.

problem solved

  adamsk1  |  0

ok so here's the deal... you give head, you get prenut in your mouth, you swallow b/c you think it's your own spit, so therefore you're swallowing anyway... just a little FYI in case swallowing grosses you out. your man shouldn't ask such a thing from you anyway. that's a privalage not a right. my suggestion, on a serious note, quit giving head for a while and see how that makes him feel!

yeah Adam I can't spell very well... that comes with dislexia! douche!! and thanks to the person that defended me!