By kit_kat14 - 19/02/2010 14:27 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that my boyfriend joined a group on Facebook called 'Swallow. Or it's going in your eye.' Today I also found out that my boyfriend takes Facebook groups very seriously. FML
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ouch! I dont get why some people are such jerks squirting at their gf's eyes

hahaha I'm sorry for you OP but that's a tad funny. tell him "finish somewhere else or I'm spitting it back."


first. haha

**** you, ur one of many idiots that waste comment space by saying "first"

FHL for both having a facebook and taking it seriously


do20ss 4

u should b a woman with a mouth like hose...I'm just sayin I bet ur ugly

agreed to #13.

to #35 ur gender sign on ur fml says male just to let you know

Melkezidech 0

Gay people can't swallow?

ladida94 0

uuuuummmmmm thanx for sharing?

rogerdodger777 0

as do I face book is a waste

boyguydudemalema 0

you totally deserved it for not swallowing.

I whipped it out, cleaned it off, and stuck it in her eye. And by "it" of course I'm referring to a contact lens. It must have got dirty. ;)

bettadenne1 0

haha props bo burnham =]

JAT070 0

if ur gonna suck it might as well swallow

kally2010 0

jeez it's not that bad to swallow god suck it up !! lol ;)

ouch! I dont get why some people are such jerks squirting at their gf's eyes

You mean bf, OP is a man

wow o_O I didn't realise OP is a male, so that means it was gay sex lol

Oh, here we go...

go down the comments and you will see that kit kat said that she is actually 100% female

whitley1031 0

I am REALLY confused, is OP a dude or a chick?! And this isn't an FML, ur just taking this situation way too seriously. If he told u he takes f-book srsly, u might not wanna be w a computer nerd such as him. Just sayinn....

spiderman0606 0

He didn't tell her he takes facebook groups seriously. She found out because it actually happened to her. Or atleast, that is what the FML is leaving us to assume.

you should just tell him: "squirt it somewhere else or you can find another woman to suck your tiny dick!" ; )

dorkside_fml 0

63 just to let you know, without computer "nerds" there would be no fml, facebook, tv, or cell phones. plus have you not grown past stereo typing yet?

#115 Theres no need to get so deffensive...just relax :D

isreal 0

so wat the hell did he do

haha dorkside that's great. font you love ignorant people? I hate stereotypers. <----not sure that's a word...oh well.

*stereotypists. You're welcome.

whitley1031 0

@115: i didnt mean it like that, tard, i meant if he spends the majority ofl his time on facebook, u might not wanna be w him dont be all over-defensive, no one likes that shit

luvmuffin10 0

So he stillenjoued it

HeyThereGorgeous 0

Maybe OP's boyfriend isn't a facebook obsessor, maybe he's just serious about that topic. Typically you only join a group if you agree.


seeing as HIS dick is in YOUR mouth, you can probably do worse things to him in return

venom1996 0

It's a guy their gay

Hehe good luck!!

Ya but he said squirting in HIS gfs eyes

@174- If nobody likes that shit why are you the one getting downvoted? "Tard"

hahaha I'm sorry for you OP but that's a tad funny. tell him "finish somewhere else or I'm spitting it back."

this is sick. it says the op is a guy. I threw up a little...

idk_what_2_put 0

sounds like a keeper

hahaha that's great

M4V3R1CKR13 0

It says here that your a guy awkward SWALLOW 

breenarae25 0

omg ops a dude....akward

Pretend to swallow and then spit it back in to his mouth when you kiss

adamsk1 0

bite it off lol

no way do like I said and spit it back. much more practical

and is much more realistic cause biting it off will just **** the OP

adamsk1 0

bull shit!! if a dude is going to be that insencetive then he should lose his manhood

do20ss 4

naaaa don't bite it off, don't spit it back(cuz that's porno shit)(and just nasty) if u don't like it n ur eye, don't put his junk n ur mouth. problem solved

and maybe if your so stupid for spelling 'insensitive' wrong you should lose your dick too ;)

#42, agreed. if only you could high five over the internet.

#43 Maybe you should lose your dick for correcting someone's spelling when you don't know the difference between your and you're. :)

god dammit I hardly ever screw those two up. touché, I will admit when i have been defeated.

Finally, someone on FML who is actually admitting their grammar mistakes!

do20ss 4

101 *high five*

adamsk1 0

ok so here's the deal... you give head, you get prenut in your mouth, you swallow b/c you think it's your own spit, so therefore you're swallowing anyway... just a little FYI in case swallowing grosses you out. your man shouldn't ask such a thing from you anyway. that's a privalage not a right. my suggestion, on a serious note, quit giving head for a while and see how that makes him feel! yeah Adam I can't spell very well... that comes with dislexia! douche!! and thanks to the person that defended me!

bigpapi210 0

a girl should always swallow! ;) right ladies?

sugarbabyxoxo 2

bigpapi210, yes... yes we should XD hahahah

TheSexynator 0

but OP is a man :X

haha sugarbaby deserves fml user of the year

cicy hvuopyu 2 pretty girls who like to swallow? wow haha. semen also whitens teeth!

purplemnm 9

swallowings good.. now you're gonna gouge your eyes out huh?

xGet_Over_It 0

@purple why did you have to ruin their conversation?

wow lol :)

Agreed, girls should always long as we get a bomb eating afterward.(;

wow. fyl dude. y the damn eye tho???

maybe she should swallow so it wouldn't have to go in the eye

Op is a guy. He's gay.

create a facebook group " my boyfriend's best friend is really fantastic in bed !"

paramorefan125 0

ahahaha win!!

michelleissexy 0


'Wow hes a guy too', sooo? lol anyways, errgh just dont do that to him anymore then, or sweet revenge? Or should I say salty revenge? I dno

I didn't mean to put it as a man! I am 100% female! lol!

TheSexynator 0

dats wat she said! oh wait..

EllyH 0

haha, either way. You should dump him. Love and Respect is the Key. Dump him.

As opposed to 95% female?

@105 Some people have a penis and a ****** so it's good for her to clarify the percentage.

Sexynator, you do know that you've completely misused Thats What She Said?

dump the bitch