By - Moved Across the Country - 06/08/2011 06:05 - United States

Today, I found out my ex is applying for a job at my current company. She may be my boss. FML
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I tried to think of a witty reply to this post and failed.


I tried to think of a witty reply to this post and failed.

Or you could of not posted. Noob.

So she's retaking her position as boss of you yet again. I can tell who wore the condom in that relationship.

no McDonalds won't accept my application because I have a criminal record and I'm no longer allowed to be around kids...

20, I'm pretty sure only a male can wear a condom.

25-your girlfriend is hot

31, there were female condoms last time I checked.

You'll be her little subordinate bitch, OP. Yay! :)

I googled Sarcasm and all it said was "not found on the Internet"

Make up sex?

Try again next FML 42... You missed the mark on this one.

31- one of the biggest trolling fails of all time

Ummm Sooo... U Can No Longer Be Around Kids Because... Lemme Guess , Ur A Perv ? -_____________-

All I have to say to you is look for another job and get the fuck out of there.

64 they don't even let me near pets, plants and death row inmates. Why do you think they let me on the internet?

You can start looking for a new job now

Can you spell AWKWARD?

Am I the only one that comments like #3s are really stupid? "can you spell _______" it just seems really dumb way to put things...

akward.. awkwar....nevermind. ill leave that one a cliffhanger.

Yes, and I can spell LAME too.

Hey if yall hook back up you can bring in some extra green

I hope you weren't the one who ended the relationship!

If YOU broke it off: I hope you dont have a life outside of work If SHE broke up: time to make up!

Someone's got a SERIOUS stalker! You may need to tell HR about your past, so they don't put her over you and in a position to dominate you. Hopefully, your company has a policy forbidding strap-ons in the workplace ;)

well that's exciting! lols

She's only applying for the position. That doesn't mean she will necessarily get it.

I'm not too big on black mailing.. But if you have some left over pictures from the relationship maybe that could help out some?

Yeah cause that's real mature