By Harry - 20/7/2011 07:40 - United States
Today, I got a call from a man yelling and cursing at me, calling me a "selfish no-life asshole" for getting his "baby girl" pregnant. I'm 29 and she is 27 and we have been married for 3 years. FML
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  KaintukeeBob  |  13

He'd love having his granddaughter named 'Frank'. Or 'Fred'. Or 'Josh'.

Sorry, doesn't work in 50% of cases, unless the Father-in-Law has a gender-neutral name.

Also, OP, you mean you didn't marry your wife with the intention of staying celibate and having long, deep conversations? Shame, young man, shame!

  catatonicsleep  |  17

I know of someone who let their kid pick their own name... they had to pick age 3 so they could be registered for kindergarten... their name is peekaboo, the child's favorite game which she decided to name herself after...

  HowAreYouToday  |  34

he started out saying that hw HAS to come first and explained how recitals and social events are unnecessary. that same day, he forgot his notes because, he had said, he went to his friend's birthday party and they just slipped his mind

  goshpeople  |  4

Some people don't meet one or both of their parents-in-law due to various circumstances like divorce and rifts in the family.

Could've been a wrong number, too. Or his wife is cheating on him with a guy who doesn't know she's married, and just found out some "scumbag" got his "girlfriend" pregnant.

  goshpeople  |  4

At first I read it as "selfish, pro-life asshole", so I got the impression that he didn't want to become a grandpa. Struck me as funny. I was disappointed when I read the FML again.

  bigbadtim  |  7

That would be interesting. if he did that the kid would be his child, his wife's sibling, and his in-law. Also after all the divorces get finalized, if he married his wife's mom then he would be his ex's dad and grandfather to his own child. Not too confusing.