By cmondude - 18/09/2018 15:30

Today, I was finally cast in my high school play. As Violet. The gum chewer who turns into a blueberry. Does my instructor not know I'm a guy? FML
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There have been plenty of times where men have been casted in female roles and vice versa. Own it and be the best Violet ever.

Ravenclaws-Jinx 5

there was more then once I was cast as a guy when I'm a girl.... eh it happens just rock it.


AlyCo55 12

I mean, in the renaissance era men always had to play the female roles

I was the French Prince in a play because I was the only one who had a decent French accent despite me being a girl. Rock your role and be the best Violet ever.

fde2blknimout 18

Get a haircut hippie