By Anonymous - United States - Floral Park
Today, I found my brother sobbing uncontrollably. When I asked why, he told me Melanie was dead. Thinking he was talking about his girlfriend, I offered to take him to a grief counselor. It was there that he told us that Melanie is the name of his horse in Red Dead Redemption II. FML
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  Xikira  |  7

There is a certain area your horse dies and you can not bring it back. I cried at that part to :( it was very sad it was beautiful story telling

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

I know how he feels. My horse died once, too, but I paid a visit to the Horse God, and he was back like magic. So tell your brother that he needs to go south west of... oh wait... that's Breath of the Wild. My bad.

By  TxKitten79  |  10

I'm inclined to call b.s. on this one. The normal response to "Melanie died" (if you believed that to be his girlfriend's name] would be, "Oh my gosh. What happened?" Not just, "Ok, let's go to a grief counselor, get in the car." And if the brother is truly acting like this over a video game, and he's not a small child or mentally impaired, then he has issues beyond what a grief counselor can treat and needs to see a mental health professional. (And I'm not saying this to be cruel, I'm serious.)