By kp - 17/10/2011 00:47 - Australia

Today, I found ants all over my chocolate, but I'm so addicted that I just wiped them off and ate it anyway. FML
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That's disgusting and you should feel disgusting.

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You are a genius mixing energy with protein pretty much steroids right there...

I don't like chocolate or ants, but I'll take the compliment.

Malkria 1

Chocolate already has bugs in them. I'd say about 2-3% of a regular sized chocolate bar is bugs. But I totally understand OP, I too am addicted, so I probably would do the same.... Maybe.... :)

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Those are some perfectly good ants you're wasting!!!!

YourEvilHero 12

Coulda been worse I spose... If the chocolate wasn't there, you woulda just had to eat ants...

Haven't you ever read the book "Chocolate Covered Ants"?

Chocolate addiction? Let me know when you stick random brown cotton you found on the ground into your vein just to get out of bed : /

First step to finding that out is Try heroin

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The guy spelled morbidly obese wrong.

Why does this remind me of a zoidberg line saying "your music's bad and you should feel bad!"?

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64- I bet you are single just by looking at your picture...

Candy bars usually have 8 insect legs in them

Disgusting doesn't always correlate with safe. I find lasagna, liver, blood sausage, ox penis, and rats disgusting to eat, but people do regardless. If I'm a tight ass for expressing my opinion on what foods I find disgusting, so be it.

ants are actually cleaner than humans

I'm not offending anyone, but was I the only one that was thinking "Wow Fatty"?

Well as bear grylles would say the chocolate is ruining my ants

I ate a lollipop one time and it had ants stuck to it. I wiped them off and atr it anyway

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and yet, we don't seem to care.

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If you insist. Gee I hate disliking comments, but whatever it takes to please you...

rawrmeansiloveu 7

Hahaha thank you :))))

Clearly, OP does love chocolate more than you, because she WAS willing to do that.

Just wondering..why did this get so many dislikes? They were just making a statement.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

In some parts of the world eating bugs is completely normal.

#105 although that may be true, I fear that OP may just be a fatty. I'm fat and I don't even do that… OP you just hit rock bottom. Get your shit together.

It may be normal to eat bugs, but OP didn't even eat the protein. (s)he just ate the germs and disease they brought in through their tracks.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

111, But you're forgetting that not everyone is magically fat. Most fat people are just regularly fat. Either way, I think it has more to do with just the addiction to the chocolate, and not so much with general inability to resist food. And 118, there shouldn't be such a significant amount of germs and diseases brought in by some ants. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if people have survived all this time and still do survive all over the world without sanitizing everything to sterility, OP will be fine.

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So addicted that you couldn't trash the bar and buy another.

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Thanks for giving Ben & Jerry an idea for their next ice cream flavor.

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ummm thats not an addiction thats nasty

reddawn85 8

Addiction drives people to do things they wouldn't rationally do otherwise. If they could control themselves on their own, they probably would.

no, he/she is so addicted that its nasty what she'll do for a chocolate bar.


Chocolate a street for heroin so yea it's addictive.

...that sounds like a personal problem.

Why just buy a new one, when you can have the ant infested one AND a new one!!!

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That's Prob. What they were thinking 72

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