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Today, I flew from Australia to the UK to meet the woman I love. After two years of talking, and having gotten a love letter for my birthday a few months prior, I was convinced we'd have a great time. Turns out she doesn't know what she feels for me. I'm staying with her for the next 35 days. FML
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Okay, for all of you who were wondering how this thing ended? With her mother screaming at me to "Get out right now or I'll call the police" Apparently the whole time I was there I "offended everyone" and made "the atmosphere absolutely unbearable" I was also "Vile" an "ungrateful" She knows this FML is here, and so I won't even try defending myself because I don't want an argument or something to break out over it. The last straw pretty much came when I posted a status on facebook about a conversation her mother and I had. I didn't name names, and only stated that I didn't care how overly cautious I looked for not doing X because I could hurt myself pretty badly doing it (because I am overweight and so risk of injury increases). she took this as me having a "Dig" at her. As her opinion was pretty much I should do it anyway, or that I should loose weight with diet and exercise and then do it. I found this so offensive because over the last 15 weeks or so I've lost 12 kilos, I'm also recovering from a bulging disk pressing against my sciatic nerve. I don't know if you all know how much that hurts, but at the worst I was almost passing out, vomiting, and loosing control of both my bladder and bowels, all at once, just standing up. The only reason I was okay is because I used some serious will power. That was 9 months ago. Three months ago, I couldn't even stand long enough to heat up soup because the pain was so bad. I'm actually surprised I was okay enough to do this trip anyway. I had some decent pain killers that really helped. I'm getting there in my own time. I honestly think that by this point they were looking for reasons to kick me to the curb. This girl is very, VERY different in person. Still not a bad person by any definition of the word, but so different to how I ever expected.. I'm actually still rather shocked. Guess she felt the same about me too. Pretty much the whole time, we were all pretty miserable so I came home a week early. I've been home for almost 8 hours and will be celebrating the new year with my mum. I have chosen to no longer have contact with her or her family. I'm ready to put this all behind me and start next year all new and fresh. All this was just a play by play of the last day or so, obviously things go way deeper, but this is not the place for that. If I could go back in time, I probably would cancel the trip and save all the money I spent.. Possibly salvage the friendship too. But at least on the up side, I learned a lot about who I am through this. It could have been an amazing love story, now it's a tragic romance that pretty much equates to "At least I did something with my life at one point, even if it didn't work" My fellow FMLers, I think it's important to go after what you want, even if you don't want the same thing by the end. you need to take risks and put them behind you if they don't pay off. Forward is the best way to go. I wish you all a happy new year full of wonderful stories too good to submit on this site. XOXO - Rabbit Of Aurora <3

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There is a huge difference between online & being right there with a person. 35 days was probably a bit optimistic for a first date... Hope it goes well, OP

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well it seems she's got plenty of time to figure it out


onorexveritas 23

well it seems she's got plenty of time to figure it out

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Yeah, OP! You've got 35 days to win her over! On your mark, Get set, Go!

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35 Days of Winter. Coming soon to a theater near you!

That's not even the worst part. I'm quite enjoying the cold and can't wait for it to snow actually. For those of you that enjoyed "35 days of winter" Be sure to catch the sequel "Returning to the peak of Australian summer" Featuring such annoyances as sunburn, heat rash, chafing, dehydration and bush fires.

35 days? Mistake number one... I can see a week for the "well, this didn't work out" moment. But not over a month... Enjoy your trip :D

54 What if it had worked out? A week is to short..

Honestly, OP, I understand where she's coming from. I have an online friend that I've known for a little over 10 years now, and we've never met face to face. We text and talk on the phone a lot, and play online games together, but never met in person yet. I've always had feelings for him, and I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with him, but I have this feeling that I can't be completely sure until I actually meet him. Maybe that's what your girl is feeling too. This time together could be what makes or breaks it, so I'd say just try to make the best of it that you can, no matter which way it goes. :)

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Wow, maybe time to reevaluate possible spouses?

Wow, maybe time to reevaluate your reading comprehension skills?

32- The "woman I love" can be a possible spouse.

53 - consider OP was "meeting" the woman he love, probably means they've never met, therefore probably are not spouses. Not sure how popular online weddings are... As for 2, they said POSSIBLE spouses. As in POSSIBLE future spouses. Not current one. As far as I know, I don't think they were implying OP and this woman are married. Only 2, can tell what they really meant.

Enjoy your flight home!

There is a huge difference between online & being right there with a person. 35 days was probably a bit optimistic for a first date... Hope it goes well, OP

I agree. I met my bf from Sweden after a year of talking as well. He came to me for a weekend, both to meet my parents (so they knew they could trust him) and to see if the feelings would be the same in real life. Worked out great :)

This is why most people are against online dating.

Who do you consider 'most people'? I would think "most people" would know that online dating, like any other form of dating, isn't perfect. Sure, people can lie about themselves, but they can do that in person too. It's ultimately up to the person to make rational decisions in either situation.

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But it's harder to say you're a 6'7" Danish model and body builder in person, when you're not. Trust me, I've tried.

5- I would like to know where you get your facts. Because around 1 in 5 relationships actually start from online dating.

52- Just because 1/5 of relationships supposedly start that way, doesn't mean that 4/5 people are actually against it. Think it through.

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Most people would be considered you. Which is why you have no spouse and kids. Seems like YOU need to get out more, instead of being judgmental towards something you believe will turn out negative.

If this is really the first time you have met face-to-face you'll have to give her a chance to work out what she feels. I'm amazed you don't think it's pretty weird to meet for the first time and expect everything to be instantly clear.

If she doesn't know how she feels, then why did she write that love letter and let you fly half way around the world to be with her? She should've figured it out sooner.

That's bloody awful mate. Well, she has 35 days to think about it. For the meantime, do some sightseeing and enjoy a nice cup of tea with the Queen to ease the pain of being neglected. Cheerio!

This could either turn out to be a really cute live story or a sad story you'll lock away forever. Depends on how you handle it.

I feel for you man, props for actually taking the initiative to go through with it. I'm sure you at least talked to her about it first, but you have to accept those risks when you sign up for that kind of a relationship. I've been dreaming of doing something similar for a girl I like, if she doesn't end up liking me in person it's gonna be a long trip home. :P

Ahahahaha... It turned out so horribly, we aren't even friends anymore. I came home early.. It was a long trip, mostly because it was 22 hours. I was SO happy to get home and just put this all behind me. I've been home 7 hours and will be celebrating new year with my mother instead. Sometimes things don't work out and that's okay!