By thecatlady - 27/02/2013 07:12 - Australia - Kambalda

Today, I realised the extent of my wife's cat obsession when I received an $850 bill for the air conditioner she leaves on for our 5 cats while we are at work. FML
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perdix 29

If you have to pay through the nose to keep five ******* cool to keep one pussy warm, ya just shut up and do it. Or start learning yoga.


TorturedXeno 27

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godisnowhere41 5

I mean they live in Australia, the price is high but I wouldn't want my pets to overhead either

I gotta admit, I leave the fans on for my dog while I'm at work. It's the middle of Summer here in Australia and my dog can't really handle the heat, so I'll happily pay extra bills if it means she won't overheat during the day. So I don't think the OP's wife really has an "obsession". It might be a bit more than what most people would do for their pets, but it's nice that she's thinking of their comfort during Summer. Especially since plenty of family pets are known to die during Summer here because they stress out in the heat, get too exhausted, have heart-attacks (this is particularly common in "squash-faced" dogs like pugs), their water dries up, etc. I used to work as a vet assistant and it's amazing how many pets came in during the Summer because they were overheated or dehydrated due to the heat, even though the owners had done nothing wrong. That's just how hot our Summers can be.

You didn't realize she had a cat obsession before this? I find that hard to believe... 5 cats too many in my book

perdix 29

If you have to pay through the nose to keep five ******* cool to keep one pussy warm, ya just shut up and do it. Or start learning yoga.

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My aunt owns two. She's been married 30 years…

AnyaS 19

My family has four cats. We're not alone.

Abu4u - I see what you mean! When I was single I thought I was gonna end up alone for the rest of my life, living in a cute little house with 27 cats :)) maybe it's not my belief anymore, but I am still going to have at least 2 of them!

teamlightskin 14

Forget about the air, what about the five cats? I think That may be an obsession in itself.....

liv4theearth 13

His exact words were "my wife's cat obsession."

77- We're further than facepalming at this point. Now we're just shoving our hand through our head in frustration.

conqueror57 11

If she's so obsessed with cats, she should learn that most cats are heat seekers and prefer to be warm, not cool. She's actually making them less happy keeping an air conditioner on all day.

RocketNinjaFish 12

Yeah, but it can get really hot in Australia, especially during summer. Our cats sleep near the fans during the day in summer. But in winter, yeah they're heat seekers ;)

Talk with her, and try to get it down to one or two cats.. Even Barney Stinson would've given up trying to keep 6 "kittens" satisfied.

So you think they should just get rid of 3 cats? That's... "nice" of you. Just turn off the air conditioning, cats prefer warmth anyway.

sell them, donate, give them to a shelter or whatever. I like cats, but 5 is a few too many imho.

21-Wouldn't turning off the A/C and maybe leaving a fan or two on be more reasonable request than getting rid of the cats!? Obviously OP's wife cares very much for her cats and she's not just going to get rid of them; that's heartless.

I just don't see how reducing the number of cats would solve this particular problem. Even if she only had three cats, she'd probably still want to leave the AC on for them, which would still cost OP the same amount of money when it chimes to the electric bill.

#10, And why is five cats too much? There are poeple who have five kids too. When they adopted the cats, they became responsible for their well being and lives. It would be stupid and wrong to just give them away, especially to a shelter. I really hope you dont have any pets or plan to get any. You clearly don't see them as anything else than a part of the furniture.

I never referred to the price of the ac, simply because as long as they have pets they are responsible for their well-being and shouldn't even mutter about the cost of it. And I'm sorry my thoughts differs from yours, but it is much easier for me to understand people having 5 kids then a couple having 5 cats.

63-why is it more reasonable? My family had four dogs and my boyfriends family has five, is that to many in your opinion? Pets are like family to people, so getting rid of them is just cruel and heartless

For those mentioning prices and family.. It's cheaper to have five pets for maybe 15 years vs. five kids for 18.. If I remember right the gov. estimate for kids until their 18 is like 300k..

Jessj958 19

#80, that sounds about right! Kids are expensive, especially when they get older and want every new toy that comes out. Then it ends up sitting in a corner....

At least cats are social, loving creatures that are always glad to see you when you come home... Oh, wait....never mind...

Yeah they are. My two cats greet me when i get home and then sit next to me for cuddles when i finally sit down. Just because cats don't necessarily actively how affection doesn't mean they aren't loving or welcoming.

CharresBarkrey 15

I think it also depends on how you raise them. I don't have cats, so correct me if I'm wrong. It just seems that if you pay them a lot of attention and pet them a lot as kittens, they will be more affectionate.

@19 Yes and no, depending in the age you get them at, if you are too cuddly when they're a teenager (yeah they can be rebellious too) they will be more or less cuddly, but training goes for any pet.

19-I try and try to pet my cats all the time, even play with them and they won't have it :( They just like me when I have food, at least the boys do. The girl is usually sweet until I pick her up, then she'll scream bloody murder.

Cats just show affection in more subtle ways than dogs. For example, did you know that when a cat looks at you and closes his eyes very slowly, he's telling you he loves you? That sign of affection gets lost in translation a lot more easily than shaking with excitement and licking your face.

Quiet_one 22

My cats greet me at the door when I get home just like my dog does when I visit my parents, and they usually follow me around to be in whatever room I'm in (which is actually more than my dog does). Cats in general are not anti-social, they just aren't always as in-your-face with their affections as dogs tend to be. Generally speaking, I prefer dogs, but cats can be pretty great too if you give them a chance.

48, AFAIK it doesn't mean it loves you but "I pose no threat to you and do not want to fight with you". Looking directly into eye is aggressive behavior. Half-closed eyes mean "chill out I'm in peaceful mood". They do display affection, though - by rubbing against you (they mark you as "their" human this way), "headbutting" you, etc.

Some cats are ok, 90% are in it for the food that's just my opinion I've owned 4 cats and my friends have cats never seen any that show near as much affection as dogs, cats just want to do there own thing. (My opinion you don't have to agree)

Squeaky_Tomato 14

My kitty Monkey greets me at the door when I come home. He rolls on his back for belly rubs and follows me around the house. When I sit down he curls up on my lap and licks my hands until I pet him. My kitty cuddles with me all night as well.

KareBear7364 5

it doesn't even matter that there's five cats, its the fact that the air is left on for hours for them. that's not necessary just leave them water and they'll be fine.

TheDrifter 23

It gets bloody hot there in the summer, setting the AC to come on at 28 or so in the house works well. Keeps pets from cooking and won't cost near as much add trying to keep the house at 21 for them all day.