By anon80214 - 30/05/2011 19:15 - United States

Today, I finally convinced my girlfriend to let me give her a foot massage after she had a long day at work. Halfway through, she fell asleep. Wanting to see how ticklish she actually was, I started to tickle her feet. She then kicked me straight in the nuts whilst sleeping. FML
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anon80214 tells us more.

Yeah, I probably did deserve that one.

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iAmScrubs 19

Chuck Norris would have dodged it.


ImaWiseGuy 5

always protect tha mcnuggets...

go girlfriend is all I can say

tpreston 0

YDI for tickling her. Good job with the message though, that'll get you some brownie points!!!!

imacreeper 3

She has good instincts!

She's an undercover FBI agent!

imacreeper 3

^ Literally ;)

Never tickle a girl. We turn into ninjas.

TylersMB 0

were you tickling her with your nuts or something? lol. YDI!

btnhdude 0

*girlish giggle* lol yah YDI. lol. lmfao. hehehehehe. were you tickling her with your nuts?

Where did the thought come from of finding if you girlfriend was ticklish? when will that information ever be useful?

schaflava 0

you need to murder her in the dream state and use extraction to figure out the combination. shit!!!?!?!

At least OP was a sweet boyfriend who gives his girl a massage :)

808Boyo 4

Nut check!

zachhasse 0

you can tickle her p****

violetdabomb 0

You have to CONVINCE your gf to give her a massage...? Jeeez

Agree with #10 :)

then don't tickle her feet

Exactly. All of these tickling FMLs are YDIs. When you are ticklish, being tickled is horrible.

wat does YDI mean

111- Yoddling danish immigrants .

Looks like his gf won't be letting him massage her feet anymore....well....not like he'd want to after getting a swift kick in the nuts. You tickled her feet while she was sleeping so she forcefully 'tickled' your nuts while you had your guard down. As much as it pains me to say another man deserved that pain.......YDI

skateking133 0

111-what does google do?

111 You did Ivanna. ö

notsocrazee 0

yapping doggie inscents

Not everyone goes out of their way to google everything 125. Especially when you have a huge forum of people, with atleast 1 person willing to give a real answer.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Yiddish dandelion intestine.

young dangerous iguanas

yellow dragon incinerator

Yolanda died innocently

Whilst? say while, you sound almost ruh-tarded.

sensoon15 7

nice pic. haha and it goes with "ruh-tarded"

was whilst somewhere in my post

futtbuck101 1

Foot fetish?

TylersMB 0


Did you mean teach?

hellbilly205 17


marix54888 0

No he didn't mean teach he meant learn!

You can not learn onto somebody it is an incorrect use of the verb.

dont you mean "teach you"

Lmao at the people freaking out. Its a interwebz thing where you don't use verbs and tenses correctly :D

funnyFMLSplz 0

"wanting to see how tickilish she was" automatic YDI.

SkyHiLyfe_808 0


You should've expected that! See FMLs about it all the time.

iAmScrubs 19

Chuck Norris would have dodged it.

Chuck Norris would have known how ticklish his girlfriend really is just by intuition.

LaDeeDaDeeDaLaLi 0


mhanlon88 0

chuck Norris is a fag

Chuck Norris would have round house kicked her back.

snickers001 0

go on google and type in chuck Norris and click Im feeling lucky the suggestions : run away before chuck Norris finds you or type in a diffrent search option. You can not locate chuck Norris , chuck norris will find you and round house kick you in the face lmao

no way! cyanide And happiness fucks the way

who's Chuck Noris??

whos chuck norris?

Hayman68 4

Chuck Chuck Norris.

Hayman68 4

Chuck Chuck Norris.

157- never thought I'd see that question.. If I ever asked that, pretty sure my boyfriend would disown [email protected]

BAMF519 0

chuck Norris is the shit!

157: If you havent already, prepare to be tickled in your sleep by chuck norris

mine2take 5

It is a good thing nobodies hands are ticklish huh. You would have been punched in the face.

iAmScrubs 19

I find that sometimes a kick to the nuts can even hurt more than a punch in the face.

11, my hands are ticklish. so :P

peoples hands can be ticklish... *facepalm*

1123nic 0

who tickles people who are asleep? creeper.

Stonedmanalex 0

i do that

me too. maybe your just weird 12

nonamericandolla 6

it's nor creepy! it's funny

m0rgana 0

probably the same kind that fuck em while there asleep...

Noob30 0

SSSSSSSSsssssssssssss- *BOOM*

1394102di 0

Dude, she was sound asleep and you tickle her feet! You deserved it!