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Yeah, I probably did deserve that one.
By anon80214 - / Monday 30 May 2011 19:15 / United States
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  Big_Red_138  |  3

Looks like his gf won't be letting him massage her feet anymore....well....not like he'd want to after getting a swift kick in the nuts. You tickled her feet while she was sleeping so she forcefully 'tickled' your nuts while you had your guard down. As much as it pains me to say another man deserved that pain.......YDI

  TheOptimist  |  0

Not everyone goes out of their way to google everything 125. Especially when you have a huge forum of people, with atleast 1 person willing to give a real answer.

  snickers001  |  0

go on google and type in chuck Norris and click Im feeling lucky the suggestions : run away before chuck Norris finds you or type in a diffrent search option. You can not locate chuck Norris , chuck norris will find you and round house kick you in the face lmao

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