By lily_marleen - / Monday 24 October 2016 12:58 / United States
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  tantanpanda  |  26

I have a better idea: subtly dab the rotting fruit juices in inconspicuous places on her stuff, or, I *suppose*, you could create a resolution by placing some ground rules for both her and yourself.

By  Jay18  |  21

Throw it out yourself and and stop leaving your beer around. And close your doors and windows, also make your bed, and clean your room, and do your homework, and tuck your shirt in, and nag nag nag.

By  ShortieRose  |  27

Throw out the fruit and put a bowl of apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap. You'll be rid of them in no time! Also rinse your drains once or twice a day with very hot water... that's where they breed.

By  Goblin182  |  26

Eat her fruit before it rots, tell her you have no idea what happen, maybe she ate it and didn't remember. No need and letting good fruit go to waste.

By  Batpengen  |  2

to get rid of fruit flies get a bowl and put a large slice of apple in it. then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke small holes in it. that way the fruit flies can get in but they won't be able to find a way out.

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