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Today, I felt like too much of a loser to go to a Christmas party, since I'd be the only one going without a date. I had to invent imaginary friends who were "coming into town for the holidays" to feel like less of a loser. FML
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People still think they need dates to go to parties? What happened to meeting people AT the party?

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oh honey, that's how you meet people. If your the only one, then that's okay. It's okay to be single. You can then network with all those people. The best way to meet people is through mutual friends.


What the **** I know from expierience partys when your single are SO much more fun, you can get with any girl you want and be free When youve got a girl you cant do anything but get her incredibly drunk and take some girls around back So your FML makes no sense what so ever, unless its differant in the US of A?

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

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"get any girl you want", ohhh, thats funny. Sweetheart I highly doubt that you can get "any girl you want". But then again, ignorance is a blessing, allowing you to believe anything and everything, even obvious lies. And you my dear, are clearly an ignorant prick.

Yeah not to mention the OP is a woman herself so your logic doesn't even apply

I second that when your single, parties are much more fun. OP was a tard not to go IMO.

damnrosi stop doubting my sexyness and get back in the kitchen thnakyoucomeagain

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okay, I don't get it!!!! whats with all the sammich comments lately? I know I've been pretty out of it lately what with school and all, but still, what is with the sammich thing!?!? I feel like an old person, not being up on the current "cool" lingo (and that last statement made me feel even older, oh GOD! do people even use the word cool anymore?)

Dont worry, once you get a boyfriend youll know multiple definitions of the word "sammich" Youll also know the definitions in 5 differant languages For now though i dont think i can call you a "female" because you dont do what real "females" were made to do and therefore i will call you damn rosi Thankyou and i hope i helped

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thank you, and not at all. funny thing is, I do have boyfriends (jerk, I know), so in an odd way, you're right, Im not the usual female (who's all romantic and sweet). I'm more like a guy in that im just in it for the fun of it, and Im only interested in the hottest and richest around. so wow, your right, odd. how does it feel? must be pretty rare. but what I said first still stands.

Wow you have boyfriend(s) You sound like a player so WIN+ to you But on the other hand your comments arn't straight forward and i still cant understand what (your point) is So i take back the WIN from you And btw why cant you just be romantic, Doesnt hurt to make an effort

People still think they need dates to go to parties? What happened to meeting people AT the party?

That's why you don't have friends... You avoid social events

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YDI no ones fault but your own.

man I WISH I could be at parties like those single!  I always end up WITH someone by the damn's a total cockblock too lol. anyways, quit being a lame and hit up the party...that's where you can drink up and get u a nice "brand new" Xmas present for yourself.

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Let me get this straight, having a relationship is a "cockblock" now? Why do you even get in relationships in the first place if you feel that way?

Depends on the party. If it's a small party where everyone but you has a date, I understand the feeling.

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u could have just invented a date........... either frankenstien like or go to a bar and pick up someone hott (as long as they're not gunna be a total freek an embarass ur sensitive issues such as being to wimpy to be confident as 1 person not 2)

Well if everyone has a date to the party, then I guess you can feel left out. However there are many single men and women out there. I'm a single person myself, so I can understand your feeling of feeling lonely or isolated and it seems like the world around you has love but you don't. That's a fact about being single. However, you shouldn't not go to places simply because others are bringing dates. Who knows, there might be a single person there too. Remember, in this world, there are more single people than married or dating.

u r such a lame ass. parties are the perfect place to meet ppl. especially ifnits an open bar party.