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  Leprekhaun  |  14

ram chips are usually right under the removable panel underneath so its faster to get to. ive had to replace the fan for mine and i have to remove everything... funny part is i always end up with an extra screw after


Exactly #9!
And then you either take the whole thing apart again or spend the rest of the day wondering where the extra screws were meant to go and if they were strictly necessary to the proper functioning of the laptop.

  Mauskau  |  35

I did this when replacing the screen in a laptop, I had sliced my finger on the plastic surround when trying to get it off, and then a tiny screw pinged off and disappeared. After spending ages trying to find the screw, I put it all back together without the screw, turned it on and realised I hadn't even taken the screen out. :(

  stormy0307  |  16

I got a new HP workstation laptop at work about 3 weeks ago and to our surprise there is no door on the bottom. 12 screws later we were able to add some more ram and swap the hard drive for an ssd.

  nicolai44  |  12

I've been working IT much of my adult life, and most of the people I've worked with do indeed frequently call them "chips" in casual speech. Usually, the only people who insist on using the proper technical names for every single component are either trying to educate somebody, trying to differentiate between specific components, or are newbies or just plain pretentious asses trying to show off.