By WorkerBee
Today, I found out I didn't get accepted into a program I was nominated to attend at work that all other applicants with less experience than myself did. I found out when they asked if I had gotten the acceptance email. They didn't even bother telling me I was rejected. FML
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  ajh1800  |  25

I think OP meant that the other applicants who were accepted asked if he also got an acceptance e-mail, not the higher ups who sent the e-mail.

  davidfong  |  14

What you said or his supervisor who might not be in charge of giving that out though he was getting it also and was reaching out cause op deserved it too.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Rejection letters are SO 1990! The cool companies these days simply ghost their rejectees.

When you call to check on your status, they have a pre-recorded message, “New phone, who dis?”