By dumass - 27/09/2014 02:23 - United States - Columbus

Today, the day before my wife and I leave for our 1 year anniversary trip, I realized my passport expires in 2014, not 2015. Instead of a week's stay at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, we'll be spending three days in Louisville. Three angry days in Louisville. FML
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uniformed 13

You know what they way procrastination is like ************ feels good while you're doing it but in the end you are just ******* yourself.

If I was your wife I would definitely be going to the Dominican Republic by myself!


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the first few comments have so much pressure. if your not up for the challenge, wait 2 minutes and post in the teens.

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Whenever someone is #1 and they comment ouch they always get thumbed down. Every FML I have ever read that one of the comments was ouch the got thumbed down so why do people still do it? The FML community doesn't like ouch no matter if all your bones in your body became broken. Lol

Being in the first spot is tough. You need a good comment otherwise it will be voted down quickly. If your not prepared, wait a minute and post in the teens.

uniformed 13

You know what they way procrastination is like ************ feels good while you're doing it but in the end you are just ******* yourself.

this is a huge YDI. why didn't OP check a million times? why didn't anyone else check? this is NOT an innocent mistake.

I wouldn't say that OP. deserves it. He could have looked at it and just never really noticed. It sounds to me like he just read his passport wrong.

Hey, same thing happened to me last year. My passport expired but I paid $400 to get the emergency passport, I got the passport same day! But it was a bummer.

Op definitely deserved it! Why wait so long to make sure? If I even thought about spending thousands on a trip I'd thoroughly check my passport asap and recheck it a million times. That's a really stupid thing to have ruin your vacation.

Okay this may sound bad but just hear me out... Why didn't your wife check? Whenever I take a trip with my hubby I'm the one packing and checking and double checking. "Boxers check, swimsuit check, sunscreen check, funny Canadian tshirt check" maybe it's not all couples but in my experience the wife manages the house. The first thing I do if we book a trip or even before is go in the drawer with all our important docs and make sure it is valid. I wouldn't leave something so important for just him to take care of. The man is constantly losing things, I doubt he'd find anything without me.

Let me guess 83, your husband's favorite phrase is "yes honey".

I managed my own stuff the 8 years I was married, I managed it before her, and I'm managing it now after her. I'm sure your husband is capable, he just lets you do it so he doesn't have to lol.

#87 actually no lol I'm just better at finding things and just try to keep everything in order for him. He does more than plenty and has a busy work schedule. I do things like pack the luggage and anything else I can to make his life easier. Call me a 50's wife but I like taking care of my hubby. My mum would always be in charge of packing things for the cabin, maybe I got it from her.

SarahSehhati 40

Make the best of it! Yes if absolutely sucks but! if you guys truly love one another it can be the best time of each others life :)

lexiieeex3 32

Somehow, I wouldn't count on that.

lexiieeex3 32

#69 there's a thumbs up button for that.

SarahSehhati 40

Thank you #69 it is like people cannot enjoy each others company anymore they have to be doing something or going somewhere.... they can go once he renews his passport untill then make the most of it.

Don't let it get to you guys, happy anniversary. There's always next year.

If I was your wife I would definitely be going to the Dominican Republic by myself!

Good luck getting anyone with that attitude

I'd say that's a pretty good attitude to have. Go right ahead and be the one to ruin the vacation, I'm sure your wife would love that.

#46 I do have someone thank you very much, and I doubt he would want me to miss an amazing holiday because of him being an idiot! :)

oh oh....better hide from the wife! I hope she's understanding but if she isn't f your life twice. in a way you deserve it for not double checking, but then again no one deserves to miss out on their anniversary. good luck op!

It's their anniversary no matter where they are.. The wife shouldn't spend the three days in Louisville making him feel terrible. A vacation shouldn't signify their anniversary or happiness. Simply being together no matter where should be more than enough.

While all of the above is true, vacations, especially overseas vacations, can take a lot of time to plan and cost a lot of money-- money probably not refundable. It's not like an unavoidable problem came up preventing them from going-- this was totally avoidable and really stupid on OP's part. I'd be pretty pissed, and justifiably so, if I was his wife. Hopefully, though, it just becomes a funny story to tell the children and grandchildren.

And that's why you should always check the date when your passport expires when you book a holiday.

Find some things to do to pass the time! Make an adventure out of it :) Stay positive!

At least you didn't do what my brother and his wife did. They had prepaid for a lot of stuff that they had planned to do on their vacation And then my brother's passport had expired without him knowing

That's exactly what happened in this FML though? I assume the all-inclusive hotel was prepaid.

I'm not saying that it's your fault butttttt..... yea it's your fault. Next time, check your passport's expiry date in advance to avoid this type of situation.