By thecodecat - 15/11/2013 12:13 - Canada - Musquash

Today, I decided to make what I thought was a pretzel recipe. I ended up eating cooked, egg-coated play dough. Literally, homemade Play-Doh. FML
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thecodecat tells us more.

I didn't know it was play dough. The recipes got switched. I only ate on bite then I realized what was wrong and threw them out.

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Why would you still eat it?

You can at least make it look like a pretzel!!


Why would you still eat it?

Fun to play with not to eat

crazytwinsmom 25

Homemade play dough is edible, I made it for my kids when they were little. It didn't smell as good at the original though.

Because it's fun.

Maybe OP didn't want to waste her food. There are people starving in Africa ya know.

\ 28

"Doncha put it in your mouth..."

#44 There are people starving everywhere, you know.

Sorry, I guess I should've used Syria instead. No need to get sentimental.

Mmmmmmm play dough sweet sweet play dough.

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Play-Doh also has wheat in it... It's just as edible, though taste is subjective

Were you one of those kids that ate glue...?

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*sigh* It's PASTE, #15.


You can at least make it look like a pretzel!!

would you not have stopped eating it after the first bite?

Steve95401 49


you shouldn't play with your food.. but this must be an exception.

the_shift 13

That's twisted...

I would have been really bent out of shape about this.

flockz 19

i would have felt a little salty.

Cringe. I wouldn't keep eating it, why did you?

People will eat a lot of things when they're hungry, I know I will.

The_Big_Boss 20

YDI for stupitity

Am i the only one who doesnt understand why 8 is getting downvoted?

oh I get it, he spelt stupidity wrong?

euphoricness 28

I think it's because all of his other comments are really hostile

Stupitity… Stupid titty… ....... Dude, what?

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

You realized you were eating playdoh, yet you kept going? Elementary school children would be proud.

deet124 11

Am I the only one not understanding how the hell this happens?

#11 nope. I'm wondering the same thing..

Yeah, it's very unclear... I think he just meant that it didn't end up too good, not literally play dough. The use of the word 'literally' makes it all the more unclear though...

It could have been play doh, my mom made some for me one time with koolaid mix!