By Anonymous - 18/04/2013 21:02 - Bulgaria - Batanovci

Today, I was riding my bike home from the store. Wanting to impress some passers-by, I tried to do a trick on a sharp turn. I hit a pole with my balls. As I was lying on the ground in agony, a guy pulled over, took a picture, and took off laughing. FML
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And you decreased your chances of reproducing :D

"Wanting to impress..." = instant YDI. Bonus points because they were total strangers.


And you decreased your chances of reproducing :D

Edit: OP is female :( Oh well, it would have been funnier if OP was male

No.. Op is male..

I'm just on crack, but that's just me.

#10 you're telling me they aren't supposed too? Shit..

Oh well...I hate those stupid symbols by the OP's name (hangs head in shame)

Of course women have balls! Ours are just bigger than men's so we have to put them on our chest to prevent chaffing.

And...what did you find Noor?

Thank god for that.

33 - i find your comment both rude and hilarious.

I guess i would've laughed too

Hate show offs... Serves you right!

Pride before the fall.

Just like you picture

Someone's pain is someone else's laughter.

And here we are on FML!

#4, the Germans capture that whole sentence in a single word: Schadenfreude. It's even on my FML T-shirt.

that's for sure lol

i was trying to work how to spell that Perdix :) i love you i would have found it hysterical if i saw it

Never try and do something to impress random people unless you're a professional. Otherwise you end up hurting yourself... I speak from experience.

Practice first my friend

Don't try to look didnt really work did it?

"Wanting to impress..." = instant YDI. Bonus points because they were total strangers.

Exactly what I came here to say.

I don't get why that is? Everyone likes attention, it's not terrible of him to want some praise geez.

Completely agree - I could understand if he was trying to impress his mates but total strangers? Who craves that much attention, needs people they don't know to like them so desperately? That's just sad...

Just pretend it was all a part of the trick.

He was probably disappointed that he didn't get video! Tosh.0 needs shit like that!

What Daniel Tosh needs is to stop impersonating Joel Mchale.