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Today, my mom was feeling down because of her gray hairs. In an attempt to cheer her up, I suggested that she dye them. Her hair turned orange. FML
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iSnortWaffles 7

It's more like **** your mom's life.


slushpup9696 12
eyeIoveyou 4

you couldn't have suggested this idea two months ago? Halloween was in October!

amazingamelia 4

naturally coming from a scene kid...

What does it have to do with being "a scene kid"? I'm not one and I thought the exact same thing as #1...

Does anyone else realize this is just like that Rugrats episode where the grandpa tries to dye his hair, it works fine until it turns orange? :D

iSnortWaffles 7

It's more like **** your mom's life.

FMLandurstoo 9

**** ops life too because shell get bitched at

farnsworth 3

Orange u glad it wasn't banana...wait...

No kidding. Ginger is the worst hair color you can have!

"Gingers" and "beautiful" don't belong in the same sentence, unless "are not" is between them.

you're a dick. gingers r the best. and hottest. and best in bed.

FML for her, but a WIN for you, because whenever she's around, you'll always have someone to ginger-claim!

Dude, you don't even see the gray hair if it's not all over your head! :o

Herrrp.. Derrrp.. That's the point of this FML!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I don't know but I'm sick of seeing this stupid "herrrp derrp " shit.

25shark 5

Reminds me of that Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode

natashax21 5

It's suite life on deck now, get with the program. Pssshttt...amateur..

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Listen to the kitty! Both of you!

9- how old are you? 9? 10? Maybe that's stretching it..

Wow, I'm 21 and I watch it with my little brother all the time. Nothing wrong with it....well maybe there is but who gives a shit imma be a little kid my whole life (only when I'm at home) lol.

xGraycloud 4
farnsworth 3

184- BEST SHOW EVER!! ;,,; (that's dr. Zoidberg)

koolkat27 13

the only way a Ginger will have a soul is if they dyed their hair that. gingers don't have souls if they naturally have red hair;)

eltapatio16 5

When she's asleep you should draw some freckles on her face. Then she would be an official Ginger.

tsim_fml 0

45- holy ****! You're profile picture is great! If I could post that picture whenever someone makes a stupid comment, there'd be derpsters everywhere!!

I got kicked on kick a Ginger day I had fun though since I kicked him back. To be frank a 18 year old guy got beat up by a 14 year old girl. At least at the time.

benhuck97 0

Yeah, or make sure you use toner if you didn't before. It makes all the difference