By neonstarr - 30/10/2013 10:41 - New Zealand

Today, I could think of more 'pros' than 'cons' for why I should start drinking again. FML
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Op here. Surprised this got posted. Sorry to burst some the bubbles but I'm not an alcoholic, I stopped drinking because of medical reasons, turns out I have gluten intolerance which caused damage to my gut, and by association killed my stomach lining and throat. Wasn't pleasant. Also I'm a chick. And since I'm better, I was weighing out pros and cons at 330am. If I ever do have a drinking problem Ill use some of the advice :)

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Rainhawk94 27

Did you take a shot for every pro?

There may be more pros, but maybe the cons outweigh the pros?


Rainhawk94 27

Did you take a shot for every pro?

After two pros, he might be too drunk to remember, and just start repeating the same pros.

drunk after 2 shots? what kind of liquor do you drink?

iLike2Teabag 27

There may be more pros, but maybe the cons outweigh the pros?

Damian95 16

I can think of about zero instances where alcohol gives back more than it takes.

Maybe the OP just needs more --Proof. :P

66, in moderation, red wine is good for the heart. Not all alcohols qualify. OP, instead of just pros & cons, give each points for how good/bad they are. Like if I was deciding on a car, fuel mileage and interior space are more important to me than power, speed, little comforts, color, and style combined. So I'd give mpg & space higher point values. It helps put the pro-con ratio into perspective instead of just counting how many of each.

There's gotta be a heavy weight for all the cons.

graceinsheepwear 33

Since you say "again," obviously the cons outweighed the pros at one time and you quit. Mentally go back there and recalculate from that perspective before you make any decisions.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Drink up me hearties yo ho. *drinks rum*

Please resume drinking. It's people like you who engage in these sorts of activities who keep people like me in business.

Now, Doc, you can't group everyone like that. There are responsible drinkers out there. The ones who aren't are the ones who put themselves and others in danger.

RedPillSucks 31

Responsible Drinker: The person with the coke bottle. Irresponsible Drinker: The person bent over saying "Go ahead, shove it right in"

#23: It was just one of those random nights. Doc and I had had a few, and since he can handle his liquor about as well as a ten-year-old girl, he was having quite a time. I saw the coke bottle, and well...things took a turn. You can't blame him for being wanting to experiment.

you're a terrible,excuse for a doctor. doctors are supposed to help people, not tell people to harm themselves so they can get some money from it. you're a selfish bastard. your screen name fits you perfectly

You obviously haven't been here long to think that Doc was serious with that comment.

I don't mean this in a mean way, but doc's usually not serious. It's meant to be funny.

joking or not he shouldn't have said it. alcoholism isn't funny, this person needs help, not people telling him to go back to drinking

euphoricness 28

To the freaken weekend! Never mind. Today's Wednesday.

Also known as-- "Hump Daaaaay! WOO-HOO!"

euphoricness 28

By pros do you mean the things that only satisfy your pleasure? are you looking at things such as your health or your financial stability, OP?