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How gullible is your son?

My dog thinks every day is Wednesday.


How gullible is your son?

Make sure he's not carrying any combustibles to school on Friday.

Was he at least wearing protection under his clothes when he was humping these people? Can't be too careful with some of these high school kids auditioning for 16 and pregnant.

Wait, so you're NOT supposed to hump people on Wednesdays? My life has been a lie...

At least he wasn't barking or howling while he was humping.

Guys, I think you guys are unaware, but there's a national hump day. Every Wednesday, you go around and hump every person you see. Then you just wait for sexual harassment Thursday. ;)

I thought it was Wednesday at 7am - Hump Wednesday. Wednesday at 7:01am - Sexual Harassment Wednesday

What's worse is that you raised that idiot.

Football fag

He must be excited for Grab-ass day coming in a few months. It was a thing at our school one year and well... it happened.

TittyTouchTuesday WeenieWednesday SmackAssFriday.. Sounds Legit.

Correction: seems legit

Doesn't sound like a bright kid. Peer Pressure...?

A McJob in his future...

I'd make this guy look smart compared to the stud I've been talked into -_-

He shouldn't bend to peer pressure that easily.

Hump day rump day!

Your Very pretty

Happy Humping!

Guess youll hate i

Well.... Aren't you?

What do you do on hump day then?

The same thing we do every day, Pinky. Try to take over the world.

13. I refuse to read anymore comments. That made my day

Best cartoon reference ever!

Wednesday is called "Hump Day" at some highschools because it's the "hump" you need to get over to get to the end of the school week.

Thank you :) I didn't think anyone was going to tell me. I was very curious.

My dog thinks every day is Wednesday.

Don't you mean every day is a "Hump Day"?

10 - Apparently, Wednesdays are sometimes called "hump day."

Disregard my comment... I'm kinda tired and I probably shouldn't be typing anything without contacts or glasses...

Wait so than what's hump day? This FML reminded me of the small transformers robot that kept humping Meagan Fox's leg.

Basically "hump day" is termed so because it's the middle of the week. Both the seven day week and the 5 day working week. It's like the peak, the round off. Hm, sort of like a camel's hump. You go up (Monday Tuesday) reach the peak (Wednesday) and then go back down. (Thursday Friday) =D

Honestly that's funny as hell

Damn! So you mean to tell me that you're not supposed to hump people? No wonder why I've got a pocket full of phone numbers... It seemed legit! :)

I'm sure for the other person it'd be pretty legit,