By Judy - United States - Altoona
Today, I was called into my 17-year-old son's high school. Why? Because it was Wednesday, also known as "Hump Day" and his friends managed to convince him that you're supposed to go around and hump people. FML
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  enonymous  |  8

Was he at least wearing protection under his clothes when he was humping these people? Can't be too careful with some of these high school kids auditioning for 16 and pregnant.


Guys, I think you guys are unaware, but there's a national hump day. Every Wednesday, you go around and hump every person you see. Then you just wait for sexual harassment Thursday. ;)

  Antares_01  |  9

Basically "hump day" is termed so because it's the middle of the week. Both the seven day week and the 5 day working week. It's like the peak, the round off. Hm, sort of like a camel's hump. You go up (Monday Tuesday) reach the peak (Wednesday) and then go back down. (Thursday Friday) =D