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Chase the will be good exercise.

Fucking garden gnomes. Always causing mischief.


You waited...

Sorry OP I need it too. I'll return it in two days.

All I can think of in the situation is "N**** stole my bike!" From that old NES game Punch Out. I'm such a terrible person... :(

Should have put it up properly.

I guess you just weren't meant to lose any weight

Ya OP u can still run or condition!!! Or buy a new bike!

Running is better than using a bike anyway. No excuses this time, OP!


What the fuck is a Fitness Regime?

"Tonight, the bike was stolen"? The bike was stolen in the future?

Chase the will be good exercise.

Hey aFreedom, do you want to play a game where you answer questions with pictures?

Hope she got a razor at home...

Tired of FML deleting my comments!

Doesn't matter, you can still run....

Fucking garden gnomes. Always causing mischief.

Those things freak the hell out of me with their small beady eyes

Yeah but they offer great travel rates.

it's been 6 months, and you haven't been using it much? knowing how shitty the economy is, it was bound to happen, but sorry OP

When you want something it always goes missing

Maybe next time you won't put it off for so long

I agree that sucks but if your bike being stolen is all it takes to break your motivation to get fit you werent ever that serious anyway. Break out the running shoes and hit the trails.

By stolen you mean "I 'lost it' so I could pretend to have it stolen because I do not want to work out that bad"?

instead of weight, you lost a bike!