By BusinessTurtle - United States - Ames
Today, I came home from a three day vacation to find my psycho ex-girlfriend in my house. Even though I broke up with her six months ago, she hasn't broken up with me. It's alright though, she says she's going to forgive me and she already moved her stuff in when I was out of town. FML
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OP here, I've changed my locks and moved across town and I really don't want to hire a lawyer.
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  Callyn  |  47

She moved into your house while you were out of town. She's still obsessed with you six months after the break-up. You really don't have a choice, it's time to get the police and lawyers involved.

  gracehi  |  31

OP, you don't need a lawyer to get a restraining order, or to file charges against her for breaking and entering (if indeed, she did break into your apartment rather than using a key) or for any other crazy bull shit she did. Getting a restraining order is really quite easy. Just go to the courthouse and ask for one. They'll give you a temporary restraining order until a final hearing, and then you pretty much just have to show up and chances are a longer term or permanent restraining order will be issued. You should still bring any and all evidence you have of her psychotic behavior...just in case.

  walmartpaysme  |  15

97, have you ever actually TRIED to get a restraining order on someone? My best friends husbands ex has tried to jump her four times. She has sent many threatening texts and made phone calls. She has also posted on her Facebook making public threats so it is well documented. We went to the court house and they sent us in circles. In the end there was no restraining order. If they officially lived together, however, OP can get a protection order. Protection orders are much easier to get but they are only for people you have lived with or are related to.

  Bludmagnus  |  13

Not to be upsetting you, but you are past the point of it being a choice. You are going to have to file a restraining order if you haven't already, and you are going to have to file charges on her.

  llama612  |  27

If she's that clingy then she probs knows how to pick his locks or just found another way to break in. This defs sounds like a situation that needs a restraining order and therapy (for her) lots and lots of therapy.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

Words cannot express my hatred for stage 5 clingers. I once had a boyfriend who was such a pussy that he would tell me "I know you like other guys cause I'm not that attractive" and then when I finally broke up with him after the rape sex messages were going too far, he called me two weeks later asking if we could talk and "finalize" the break up. What actually happened was that he spent the whole time breathing heavily on the phone and acting like a sad little bitch.

  alycion  |  38

Actually that depends on the state. Sometimes all it takes is some belongings in the home for you to have to go through the eviction process as my sister found out when trying to get the loser she was with out if her place. His name wasn't on the lease either. In this case, if he can prove she broke in, it may be enough though.