By DamnDominoes - United Arab Emirates

Record breakers

Today, I had just a few dominoes left to complete the whole project that I've been working on for about three weeks. I pressed record on my video camera, flicked the first domino, and watched with pride. When it finished, I realized I hadn't actually pressed record. FML
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By  AdamGD  |  0

That would be SO awesome to see! I have always wanted to do something like that, but i have shaky hands and attention defficent disorder. So i wouldn't last a day.
You are my hero dude! Try again! Don't let this stop you! You have serious commitment, patience, and perseverance. I wish i was more like you

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Three weeks is a freaking long time for just one dominoes project. It would be complex, yes, but unless you're going for a world record or something, it seems kind of wasted. At least you got to finish it and watch it yourself. Who really wants to see a tape of you knocking over dominoes anyway?