By Falafax - 12/11/2009 21:37 - United States

Today, I auditioned for a part and made it because the director thought I would be "perfect" for the part and I was "just like the character in every way." The part is for a schizophrenic drug addict who everyone hates and is stabbed to death in the second scene. FML
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habesjn 0

Only a retard bitches about the fact that he got the position he fucking auditioned for. He was probably just complimenting your ability to act as the person you're portraying. But you are so self conscious/stupid you take everything personally. The director guy doesn't fucking know you, he only knows the character you played as. Take the compliment. Jesus Christ...

So quit doing do drugs, crackhead.


oh shut up you got the part now stop complaining

YDI for being a prick

LOL. This FML made me laugh :D

I'm sorry, but I laughed really hard at the stabbing part. FYL indeed.

perdix 29

I'm sure the 98% of actors that are unemployed are crying real fucking tears for you and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune you've had to bear.

perdix 29

OK, I accept. Just as long as I get to wear a top hat at the wedding and have Clifford the Big, Red Dog as my Best Man. Deal?

I've always wanted to be best man!

at least you character isn't a hooker too.

breakingdawnxx3 0

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. oh man. this just made my night.

*whom everyone hates

capthavoc123 0

Wait. Wait. You picked the part, you knew what it was beforehand. The director said you fit it perfectly, and gave you the part THAT YOU WANTED. And you're pissed off about it? You're a prissy, stuck-up, total bitch.