By paradox - 23/11/2010 17:10 - United States

Today, I tried to get my license. To get that, I needed to show proof of school enrollment. I graduated early, so they told me to get a copy of my diploma. I went to school, and they told me that I would need a valid driver's license to access my diploma. FML
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bannedpianoman tells us more.

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Most of you are saying this sounds fishy, and I tried to write this part in the FML, but I didn't have room with the 300 character limit... Since I was a senior for only 9 weeks (half of a semester) this year, they refused give me a new school ID. I tried using my ID from Junior year, since I figured 2009-2010 would work, but they said that that ID was invalid starting the first day of this year. They said that my only other option would be a driver's license. Same situation, more details...

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.....You couldn't take your diploma that you got at graduation and photocopy it?

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You can always get an I.D. from the DMV...they should accept that.


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oh that sucks

I call bullshit, all you need is a valid state ID to obtain any sort of legal document.

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How did you go all of high school without a license?

Anyone notice that this was posted by paradox?

.....You couldn't take your diploma that you got at graduation and photocopy it?

In Texas, if you move there from another state, you don't have to re-take the driving test to get your license as long as your out-of-state license hasn't expired. But to do so, you need stuff like proof of ID, SSN, your old license, proof of enrollment in school or a GED program, and some other things. But this FML sounds fishy if OP doesn't have a license, and yet needs his proof of school enrollment.

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Well if proof of enrollment is needed, OP is under 18. And you don't need a license. Show them your old student ID or previous license. They told you wrong because I just had to access my transcripts and diploma like two weeks ago for my insurance company. All they need is a photo ID and you should be able to tell them your social security number. But you DO NOT have to have a driver's license. That has nothing to do with it. And before anyone gives me shit, I live in Texas so I know the rules for our school systems.

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You don't get a diploma at graduation. You get a piece of paper that says you participated in the graduation ceremony, and it LOOKS like a diploma for pictures. You pick up the real thing a few weeks after school, when all your final grades have been officially submitted and the paperwork is complete.

There was another story just like this, but I think it was ID and a drivers license.

I didn't think you needed proof of enrollment for a driver's license... I can't see where OP is from though. :/

yeah... it don't make sense to me either

In Texas (idk about other places)you have to show Verification of Enrollment in order to get your drivers license.The VOE is only good for a few weeks also, me and my friends had lots of trouble with them D:<

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In some states, you have to graduate high school to be able to drive.

Joseph Heller would be proud. Whoa...déjà vu...

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You can always get an I.D. from the DMV...they should accept that.

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My comments drowning in thumbs down

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I don't know people are giving it thumbs down, it's perfectly logical. Not every graduating highschooler has a driver license (I didn't) and not every person taking a driving test goes to school currently (again, I didn't)... though I don't know if Texas has some weird laws..

maybe the thumbs down are because he was originally trying to get his license (the only place yo get that is the DMV) and they wanted proof of school enrollment/his diploma. And the school wanted the ID. So your plan was not so logical.

He is saying though that you should always be able to get a state I.D regardless of school enrollment and that the school should accept that I.D. in place of a driver's license. Then they could take the diploma that they retrieved with the state I.D. to go get the license they originally wanted. It was a perfectly logical comment.

It's not only the DMV in UT there is also the DLD. I don't know about other states though...

have a parent obtain your diploma. problem solved. you're welcome :)

A parent can only obtain it if a student is still under 18. And even if they were under 18. They should still have a student ID and a student ID number...which they can obtain if they go to ANY high school on the same board of education as the one they attended. This FML sounds fake.


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We don't need you on the road anyways. Take the bus.

Sucky paradox.

Sounds like you're stuck in a dill pickle.

why not a sweet pickle??