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Today, I asked my friends what NNAS was code for. They have been using this for about a month. After bothering one of them for a few hours, he finally told me. NNAS stands for Nataly Needs A Shower. I'm Nataly. FML
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  neonokku  |  0

If you do shower often then ugh that sucks D:

Try a little perfume

But if you shower every few days or once a week, YDI

Most people on this site are 11+ and by the time you're that age you should take notice in this


I knew a kid that only took showers on Saturdays. Something about saving water or something? He got sent home from the most liberal hippie school ever because he smelled so bad. This is a school where half of the kids had dreads, so it had to be pretty bad.

Anyway, it's easy enough to fix. Maybe you need some prescription strength deodorant or something too.

  iiTEMP524  |  0

LMFAOOOOO. #37 tht was too much. BAHAHA. but word. good hygiene is a must... & yu got what was coming to you for being nosy. you knew it was about yu

  humorizer  |  14

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  akalisser  |  0

#108 That's what I was saying in reference to #72. They stated that just because the half the school had dreadlocks, that it was so bad to send someone home for being dirty. I believe that if anything, most people with dreadlocks are the cleanest (hair wise) because they wash their hair so often.


Humorizer, you're an idiot. There is no "correct" spelling for names. Even if there was an original or common spelling, it's still a name. I do think Nataly is an awkward spelling, but just because it's not as common as Natalie doesn't mean it's wrong.

  eehizle  |  0

This is to the retart that thinks that parents misspell names: it's not misspelled if they put it on their birth certificate. You have NO fucking right to judge people based in what their PARENTS, not the f1 generation, name their offspring.

  Sum_Dum_Bum  |  0

"Today, I posted an embarrassing post about how I never shower and put myself as anonymous. Then, after submitting it, I realized my name was in the post. FML"