By lovinlife028 - United States - Nashville
Today, while walking my dog, I opened my mouth to yawn. A wasp took the opportunity to fly into my mouth and announce its presence by stinging my tongue. FML
lovinlife028 tells us more :
Hey, OP here! Just to clarify, I normally DO cover my mouth when yawning. The wasp just beat me to the punch. At least I'm not allergic, and it's definitely something I've been chuckling about most of the day. Luckily, my boyfriend was able to get me to see the bright side of this event. :)
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  XxBunBunxX  |  2

Sometimes things are quick. I was in class barely starting a young I almost had my hand to cover it when I got a spitball spit into my mouth. Within 4 seconds on starting a yawn I ended up choking.