By Anonymous - 21/05/2013 06:31 - United States - Kokomo

Today, at work, my boss made me go outside and wash people's cars for free. I work at Verizon. FML
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RemyX1 7

Thats some good service you guys got there.

You in a bikini might bring in business. Good thinking boss!


Ask your boss to wash instead.

And get fired?

perdix 29

#1, Ask to wash your boss instead. Just by reordering your exact words, I turned a "firing offense" into a strategy for raises and promotions.

Isn't OP supposed only to do things described in her contract? Shouldn't there be a list of duties? It is USA, so the law system is supposed to work. Or is slavery legal in USA (again)?

#46, a lot of US job descriptions include something like "and other duties as assigned."

perdix 29

#46, no, slaveowners had a reason to provide their slaves medical care.

Unfortunately the boss is always right... according to the boss.

This is probably not a union job so no contract spelling out the employee duties. Maybe the store was having a promotional or a fund raiser. I had my windshield washed by a couple of bank employees once, working for donations for charity.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

I would just like to point out, that this wasn't being done for free. If you're hourly, in less you clocked out, you're still being paid. If you were clocked it, it was illegal for you to HAVE to stay. If you're paid salary, you get to do whatever the f they want you to do for the same pay. Also, I worked at a grocery store. One time I had to go work at the store next door (that was more of a general store) because we were slow, and the managers were friends. I was confused.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

"in less" wtf autocorrect. unless*

84, let's say, if I work as a programmer, I do not expect to lift grates, unload furniture or drag 50kg safe onto fifth floor alone via stairs. That's because I have different set of skills and suddenly doing heavy lifting might be harmful for my health, plus I won't be very good at it. Same goes for suddenly washing cars, or suddenly working at a store (It might not be "harmful for your health", but since it isn't your primary skill, there's a good chance that you won't do a very good). As I understand that's what contracts/list of duties for. Still, I don't live in USA< so I have no idea how you're doing things there.

RemyX1 7

Thats some good service you guys got there.

I am assuming, according to all the context we have, that OP is a hot chick. A car wash can sell ANYTHING. I'm not justifying anything, but this is the boss's approach and as a client I wouldn't mind :) he's a terrible boss. FYL OP. :(

You in a bikini might bring in business. Good thinking boss!

ks23 9

Unless its a fat 50 year old man

Who said the customers at this particular store are not into 50 year old men in bikinis?

perdix 29

#15, hah! You should see the tips I get when I remember to "tend the garden" down there and find a top that flatters my moobs! They give me a fortune to do extra work on the wheels and tires. I tell them I can give them a "rim job" for 50 bucks and they always go for it.

Both your comments sound so condescending Virgilius :/

#28 Thank you for tending to that garden of yours. Pubes sticking out of those skivvies are never a pretty sight. You're not the only one that's not into zig zags! :P

I didn't question whether you were right or not, in both your comments (plural - yes, #21 & #23 = 2 commentS). I'm not sure you can quite call it irony, but it's pretty close when you're talking about 'people who declare themselves as "educated"' while following that by 'In what way is that condescending?'

And yes, I can see how this is a bit hypocritical now, but I'm just making a point (:

Yes, you can address me as Cap'n. And it was hard to miss cause it smells like crap.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Well now you're being condescending and arrogant. Even if your comments were not so, your profile certainly is.

You weren't doing it for free If he was still paying you your hourly wage or whatever. It could help bring in more customers, but that wasn't in your job description so I don't believe you should have had to do it.

They don't but how long would they go without a paycheck while HR decides to fire the boss and give them their job back. Or if they go the court route, how long in court with no paycheck and the lawyers bill?

To be honest, I'd probably switch to Verizon :P

and I'd like you to

ks23 9

Well you were at work I assume you get paid so it wasn't "for free"

I think it's the owners of the cars that don't have to pay for the car wash. (Little do they know, it's a verbal agreement to a two years contract. Signed in blood)

Sounds better than actually working IN Verizon.

You guys should have collected tips for a charity.

BellaBelle_fml 23

That is a really brilliant idea!

olpally 32

Miss Halsey from bad teacher? Could definitely work to your advantage!

Believe it or not but I found the movie "Bad Teacher" a little too raunchy for my taste. Go figure. :P

olpally 32

Awww... Boo! Lol. Justin timberlake and Cameron Diaz dry humping scene? Classic!! Lol.

Dry humping flash backs! Okay I'll give you that!(:

olpally 32

Haha! Excellent! :) also can't forget miss squirrel sitting on the urinal! :) lol, I remember way too much.

AussieChick101 13

I actually watched it last night hahaha