By AkGirl1991 - 11/03/2012 11:33 - United States

Today, I was opening a present my boyfriend got me for my 21st birthday. What I unwrapped was a Kay jewelers box. Excited, I opened it to find a ring made out of a one dollar bill. FML
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AkGirl1991 tells us more.

This is the poster, and actually I had bought him a promise ring on valentines day. He used the box I gave him....I just thought. I might have been getting one in return. And no, I am not materialistic or ungrateful, and I know he can afford it. Just got my hopes up. If he had JUST given me the ring, it would have been great.

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I wonder where the actual ring went?, maybe it's a set up for a real surprise :P

Well he had to have gotten the box for buying something from Kay, so maybe the ring will come out later and he just wanted to see your reaction and if you were excited or not :)


I wonder where the actual ring went?, maybe it's a set up for a real surprise :P

Or very clever manipulation. Not nice to establish expectations like this if he does not follow through.

If it's not a clever set up then he's just an ass.

Maybe the ring was inside the dollar and she disn't care to look because was mad or disappointe it wasnt an actual ring?

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If the guy you like always responds with "K," don't feel bad ladies. Every kiss begins with K.

That is a great idea!! Ima try that

clever or an ass... maybe even poor. recession?

You should've pretended that you loved the gift. You should've acted so happy, just to get him confused.

That takes a lot of skill so quit being a bitch about it.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was a surprise. You have to be a smart fuck to make a ring dollar. So maybe he did think ahead... Don't get any of your hopes up though OP.

Or maybe she should realise its the thought that counts and she shouldn't be expecting anything else! Women these days are all about expensive stuff makes me sick

What im wondering is how do you make a ring out of a one dollar bill

It's the thought that counts LAWL

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@23, you mean like women wearing push-up bras?

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Its all about the effort you put in, not how much it is worth. I'd be petty happy if my bf made me a one-dollar ring...

You're 21 now, you can drink it off.

Well he had to have gotten the box for buying something from Kay, so maybe the ring will come out later and he just wanted to see your reaction and if you were excited or not :)

Or it's just a box.

Yeah, or it's just a box. And if you really want to make the OP feel bad, we could say that most likely her boyfriend gave the ring to some other woman ;)

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or maybe he got if for another girl that he's dating

Loving how when 31 made a really mean joke he got thumbs up but when 43 made a mean joke everybody was just like "dude.. That's too far!"

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He got thumbs down because he made the SAME joke.

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Well he was creative :D

Every kiss begins with... Well not in this case I guess...

Every kill begins with Kay!

Every kill begins with Kay!

Dude.. We got it the first time.

Well...I would have liked it lol

The est gifts are always home made

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Can we stop this?*

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happy birthday op!

Yea! You got a whole dollar, now get a ring pop.

They see me trollin' they hatin

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That's disappointing. Oh well. It could be part of a surprise for something bigger :)

How do you turn a $1 into a ring?(: Sorry OP hopefully the real ring will come out later!

Lol, badactor, you're very bitter. I'm sorry, I hope you change.

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8- Easy. Look it up.

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^^ 20- your so negative... this is like your 5th comment like that XD

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Atleast he remembered

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Atleast he got you something.

"A WHOLE DOLLAR? Oh Brad it's just what I've always wanted! I can't believe you actually got me this!" (big hug) "I must be the luckiest girl ever!"

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Yeahhhuuh. He's on the cheapside.

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45- so is your mom!!!

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Hey, it can buy you flaming hot cheetos. :)

#169, your a fucking dumbass if you thought that was funny. And leave this person alone. There are more worse comments on this FML to pick this one girl to bitch out.

I find it ironic how hippyhater has a profile picture of Bob Marley.

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Well thought out handmade gifts are always more charming than some overproduced, overpriced piece of jewelry from some crappy vendor like Kay. (I don't like the stuff at all, so there is my bias.) This was not really a well thought out handmade gift, but perhaps he has something else planned. It's certainly funny anyway.

It's funny? For a 21st birthday? It's okay if he can't afford an expensive gift, but he shouldn't then trick her into thinking that's what she's getting. It wasn't funny at all.

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I don't know what you have against Kay but all my jewelry that my husband's ever bought me is from there. My wedding/engagement ring, his wedding and engagement rings (yes he had an engagement ring too), then a bunch of necklaces and other stuff. It's all really nice stuff too.

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Um, did you even read the OP or did you just see the word "Kay" and posted?